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Final Score: Somnambulent Grizzlies Fall 106-76 to Cavaliers in Home Opener

It was like first period on the first Monday of the school year in FedExForum.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

First Half

Woof. The Grizzlies got out to a wretched start in this one, going down 12-6 and taking a quick timeout, out of which a missed Courtney Lee jumper led to a Kevin Love three -- and thus opened the flood gates. Pretty soon the Grizzlies were down 20+ and shooting a putrid 4-21 (19%). The Cavs didn't miss a beat without Irving, hitting 8 threes in the first half and generally playing sharp half-court and fast break basketball. Dave Joerger went to his rotations early, giving JaMychal Green a solid 5 minutes, Brandon Wright 6, and Matt Barnes 7. Tony Allen also played 15 minutes off the bench in the first half, taking LeBron duty away from a miserable Jeff Green.

Second Half

The Grizzlies were unable to cut into the 20-point lead, despite the odd line-up experiment (CDJ tried a point guard-less Green / Barnes / Lee / Randolph / Gasol at one point) and a very, very light flurry from Jeff Green in the late third. Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol both reached double digits, but neither was able to wrest control of the game from Cleveland or get the Grizzlies' offense back on the rails. Jordan Adams and Russ Smith remain relegated to garbage time even in blowouts, apparently, as both led the game home for the final 5 minutes.


All the good stuff in this game was during timeouts.

  • The Grizzlies Grannies and Grandpas came out before the 2nd quarter and gave a lesson in preparation and execution.
  • A dude hit a half-court shot to win free Sonic tater tots for life. In related news, I just made a new best friend.
  • The Red Panda made a glorious return at halftime.
  • Someone needs to start a Memphis Folk Hero Hall of Fame. Here are a couple of first-ballot inductees in the same photo: