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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Cleveland

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Cavs fans following their blow out victory over the Grizzlies.

Pre-game views

thats a brutal back to back to start the season... in Chi and Mem we have two of the best defensive Teams and most physically taxing Teams to play against. I mean we almost beat Chicago so i can see this one beeing close as well and then in the end we will see what happens.

their offense is hard to watch, we got this in the bag.

Memphis is basically a glorified Chicago. Obviously they have talent in other positions, but the style is eerily similar, and Memphis is better at it. We are coming off a back-to-back but have a bit more experience. I'm thinking Memphis gets a two possession win. I'll go 95-91, Grizzlies. With that said, I'd still probably bet on the Cavs. Should be a good (read: sloppy as all hell) game.

Grizz by 9...if Lebron doesn't play...Grizz by 16. It's going to be bumpy for a bit. No need to panic.

In-game views

This ball movement is nic3

This f*****g defense! God damn it looks good.

8 points for the Grizz lol

Memphis 3 for 18 from floor. DDDDD fence!

That was pretty ideal.

They SCORED!!! Two points...and then WE SCORED THREEEEE!!!

The Grizz are just like WTF right now.

BOOM! It's raining 3s in Memphis!

lol. Lebron is trying to let them back in the game and the Grizzlies can't even finish a 2 on 1

Well the actual Grizz players finally shown up.

Cavs should be sending a fucking mercy to anyone this year. Don't be taking the foot off the pedal. Keep it going, guys! All Memphis has is Gasol, that's about it.

- Hey - don't disrespect Z-Bo!

Zero need for LeBron to be out there right now and up 25.

you can tell LeBron is aware he’s only scored 9 points. He’s doing everything he can to get #10 now.

Grizzlies' announcers did this last year, whined about us leaving guys in after we had the game well in hand. Maybe we're trying to figure out how to play with each other since we didn't get to in the preseason?

- They aren't whining about it like the Cavs are running up the score. They are wondering, correctly, why a guy with back issues is still in a 30 point game? Especially when the bench has shown no signs of giving up a lead.

S**t, even our mop up squad is extending leads this year..this would be a 10 point win last year

Post-game views

I love the Grizzlies announce crew. Probably my favorite in the league. Knight is a good analyst.

remember how bad our D was last year to start the year......not this year

This team is soooooo damn good. They will win 70 games if healthy.

Cavs won every quarter tonight. Complete thrashing against a solid playoff team from the mighty west.

I hope we continue the beat down of the west teams as we did the last few months of last season!

Won by 30...hope the message is getting across to the whole league. This is the Cavaliers' year.

I expected a better effort to start this game tonight than the opener but, damn, that was surprising and welcomed to say the least.

Watching the Memphis feed wasn't bad, they aren't as homer-tastic as other broadcasting teams out there.