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FiveThirtyEight Sports has Jordan Adams as a better "franchise player" than Carmelo Anthony


Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The age of information is something else. Advanced math let's you predict all sorts of things these days. It doesn't mean you'll be anywhere close to correct, but you can sure predict to your heart's content.

The fine people at FiveThirtyEight have released their list of Best Franchise Players in the NBA using their CARMELO player projection system. Due to age, Marc Gasol and Mike Conley just barely make the list of 53, respectively coming in at 39 and 40. But this is designed to project the long term so you won't see a guy like Tim Duncan on the list, but you will see a lot of younger guys who you wouldn't necessarily think of as franchise players.

But for our purposes the list gets really interesting when you go beyond the top 53. Look who shows up down here:

Well hey hey hey. Jordan Adams projects out better than Carmelo Anthony! It does make sense when you consider the decade that Melo has on Adams. Nevertheless, this type of imaginary potential is what will keep Grizzlies fans yammering on about his playing time this season, especially while we watch some other... ahem..people struggle.

(h/t to flynndarealest at /r/grizzlies)

And the full list of the Grizzlies "franchise" potential:

  • 39 Marc Gasol
  • 40 Mike Conley
  • 86 Jordan Adams
  • 122 Brandan Wright
  • 132 Zach Randolph
  • 144 Jarnell Stokes
  • 161 Tony Allen
  • 183 Matt Barnes
  • 223 Jarell Martin
  • 258 Courtney Lee
  • 344 Jaymychal Green
  • 408 Jeff Green
  • 431 Vince Carter
  • 496 Beno Udrih