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The most exciting play on the Grizzlies opening night was this missed lob

Things definitely feel half empty around Grizz Nation today, but let's pour a shot for half full's sake.

The Memphis Grizzlies struggled to get anything going offensively against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Seriously. I feel like the 76 points they scored were all on accident. It's fitting that the most exciting play on the court from Memphis did not even contribute to those 76 points.

Hopefully this is something that we see a couple of times a game, and hopefully it's something that feels automatic by the All-Star break. Mike Conley and Brandan Wright run the pick and roll .. the tried and true favorite of Mike and Marc Gasol. But as you can see here, Wright brings a little bit different tone to the PNR.

Wright sets a great pick that keeps Dellavedova trailing Conley and forces Varejao to cheat off Wright on the roll. That leaves Kevin Love very little time to react; he and other earthbound NBA players don't stand much of a chance when the play is executed this well.

But please make it next time!