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Marc Gasol makes bet that Zach Randolph reaches 10 dunks this season

The Memphis Grizzlies were featured on NBA TV's "Real Training Camp" series yesterday, and each interview is worth a watch. The vibes coming off the 2015 Grizzlies are feeling really good right now.

One of the more priceless moments was Zach Randolph getting teased about his vertical jump and whether or not he had a fast break dunk last season. He's even made a wager incentive with Marc Gasol if he can dunk the ball ten times or more this season.

Me and him (Marc Gasol) was talking about it yesterday. We got a little bet .. that I can get more than ten dunks.

They haven't come up with the prize just yet, although Marc casually slips in that it might be some "red wine." Very Gasolian of him. I'm sure there's probably a good $10K bottle over in Spain somewhere.

And don't think that this isn't a legit bet. Zach Randolph hasn't notched 10+ dunks since the 2012-13 season.

Season Dunks Dunk Attempts
2014 - 15 8 10
2013 - 14 7 8
2012 - 13 15 17
2011 - 12 2 2
2010 - 11 13 13

stats courtesy of

Unbelievable. Zach Randolph has attempted as many dunks over the past 5 seasons as DeAndre Jordan has in one playoff series.