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The Chip Williams Podcast with Kevin Hughes

Weekend gambling picks and NBA talk.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

In episode three of The Chip Williams Podcast, we talked about the Miami job finally opening, why the Titans are less popular than the Grizzlies, weekend gambling picks and NBA.

I gave my Grizz thoughts through two games, and Kevin, who is a Clippers fan, talked about the utter agony of having to watch Lance Stephenson play for his team - actually that's not true. He likes this Clippers team and even Lance "I Became Famous Because I Blew In LeBron's Ear" Stephenson.

I praised Dave Joerger for making a starting lineup change and gave my thoughts on why he seems insistent on trying to make Jeff Green a starter, when it's very clear he's best when coming off the bench.

There's some Vols and Memphis football talk, per usually, and we had tons of fun, per usual. Check it.

(Again, thanks to Chris Faulkner and Joe Mullinax for letting me ramble and then publish it.)

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