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Report Card: Grizzlies vs Pacers, Vintage Arcade Edition

Great news! Your grades are high enough to earn some free game play down at the Chuck E Cheese!

Congratulations Grizzlies! Your grades were so good that you can trade your report cards for coins at Chuck E Cheese's! What games will we play?

Mike Conley: Skee Ball

A classic combination of speed and touch, this arcade game is the one game you have to play. If you didn't play skee ball you didn't go to the arcade. Mike does a good job of avoiding gutterballs, but going 1-1 from deep makes me wonder: why not go for the corner hundred more often?

Marc Gasol: Dinoscore

Here's the game where a big gun shoots coins at tiny targets. Whether it's dumping off a sweet high-post assist to a cutting Beno, or sinking clutch long-range twos, Marc's accuracy has the shimmering enticement of an arcing token landing perfectly into the cranium of a disembodied triceratops head. It's a feat most of us couldn't achieve in our dreams, but I'll leave (and not endorse) Chuck E Cheese bad boy Phillip Dang's Dinoscore hack for anyone seeking a shortcut.

Zach Randolph: Big Bertha

The game where a morbidly obese Raggedy Ann commands you to feed her multicolored balls until she pronounces "I'm full!" and presumably explodes. Pretty simple concept: the more you feed her the more tickets you get.

Tony Allen: Whack-a-Mole

Frenetic energy required, and sometimes it's more about how you whack than how efficiently you wack. Get the adrenaline pumping early by hitting up this game first. Set a tough, violent, and scrappy tone for the rest of your time at the arcade.

Courtney Lee: Time Crisis

Sleek, multifaceted, and undeniably cool, Time Crisis entails gunning down your enemies before the clock runs out. Going 0-4 from deep makes me wonder if Courtney relies too much on the foot pedal and not enough on his light gun.

Jeff Green: Coin Pusher

Basically you drop coins on top of other coins and every once in a while a bunch of coins will slide off the edge and you'll reap in game-winning troves of tickets. I wouldn't rely on this one as my go-to, but it sure worked out this time. The Jeff Green - Brandan Wright pick and roll, however, was a game hack sweeter than anything Phillip Dang could cook up.

Beno Udrih: Cruis'n USA

This classic game about driving 64 bit cars around America is a foreign import, and still fun to play after all these years. Don't worry about getting off to a bad start, because the game will rubber-band you back with the pack in no time.

Brandan Wright: Jumpin Jackpot

Translate hops into tickets by leaping over the circling rope of light. I'm pretty sure if Brandan Wright played this game he would burst through the ceiling and have a trill roof chill sesh.

Matt Barnes: Candy Claw

Not glamorous, but you're guaranteed something (unlike its plush toy counterpart). When you need some guaranteed cheap candy, there's nothing so as dandy. Sometimes you just have to grab a couple of pixie stix on the cheap to keep the night going.

JaMychal Green: NBA JAM

The best game in any arcade. Big slamma jamma baby!

Wow that was a lot of fun! Now let's grab a slice of cheese pizza and watch the animatronic house band cover some MGMT!