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Final Score: Energetic Grizzlies jump on Nets, hang on for 101-91 win

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The Memphis Grizzlies got a nice win over former coach Lionel Hollins and the Nets on Halloween night.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports


The Memphis Grizzlies scared away the Brooklyn Nets 101-91 on Halloween night in FedExForum. And though the stat sheet isn't stuffed with treats -- the Grizzlies were outshot, outrebounded, and outscored in the paint -- Memphis played most of the game like it didn't need a sugar rush anyway. Ball-haunting hands on defense, popcorn-like ball movement, and buzzer-to-buzzer energy carried the team to their double-digit victory.

First Half Notes

The Grizzlies bounded out of the gate against Lionel Hollins' undead and un-good Brooklyn Nets, stalking Nets ballhandlers on defense and jetting for backdoor layups on the other end. Jeff Green again sparked off the bench -- immediately assisting on a Mike Conley three and burying a trey of his own. JaMychal Green continued to prove himself as one of the surprisingly tasty candies in Memphis' trick-or-treating satchel, popping a corner three and nearly throwing down an historically scary putback dunk.

Dave Joerger employed the Green family and Brandan Wright as his bigs throughout most of the second quarter, which kept the energy level high (consequently, Zach Randolph looked downright springy in the fourth quarter), but enmeshed the offense in ugliness. Courtney Lee's shooting (3-4 FG, 6-6 FT in the first half), though, paced the Grizzlies to a 56-45 halftime lead.

Second Half Notes

It's always nice when Dave Joerger WTF's his team into giving the ball to #50, because you can totally tell when he has done this. The Grizzlies opened the second half by running something like eight plays through Randolph, who scored a few buckets and assisted on another. The Grizzlies scuffled some in the third quarter, and endured the SCARIEST HALLOWEEN SCARE OF ALL when Marc Gasol briefly sauntered to the locker room with what ended up being a couple run-of-the-mill jammed fingers.

The fourth quarter was kind of like the Grizzlies left their candy sack lying in direct sunlight, and their 3 Musketeers bars started melting a little bit but they ate them anyway because they taste the same it just gets kind of messy. And things did get a little messy, with the Nets cutting the lead to as little as six points. But Conley hammered two big threes, and the Grizzlies ultimately took home a nice win -- if only a so-so bag of candy.

Trick-or-Treatin' Takeaways

  • Mike Conley passed Shareef Abdur-Rahim for third place on the Grizzlies' all-time scoring list with a freakish zig-zag-twist-spin lay-in in the first quarter.
  • Conley also led the team with 22 points on 7-12 shooting (4-7 from three).
  • Jeff Green played 27 minutes and scored 13 points, 8 of them from the foul line. Green played with bench units and the starters, and though he was most effective with the more helter-skelter backup lineups, his energy was a positive throughout the night.
  • JaMychal Green continued to look like a real human basketball player who could be real and human and basketball-playing for the Grizzlies. What a nice find for the team, who should try to get him more than the 11 minutes he logged tonight.