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The Grizzlies have come a long, long way in regards to ticket sales

There was once a time when you could possibly walk into FedexForum on game night for the Memphis Grizzlies, purchase a $5 upper-terrace-level seat, finagle your way down to the lower bowl section and plop down a few rows behind the Grizzlies bench without anyone really noticing or caring.

There was even a time as recent as two years ago when you could get on StubHub, the day of the game, and find a lower bowl ticket for $15-$20 – a ridiculous value.

Money grubbers and bargain hunters, those days are over.

The Memphis Grizzlies can now sell tickets to their games, and those opportunities and deals have been replaced with the buttocks of passionate fans.

And this, Grizz Nation, is a really, really great thing for all of us.

The apathy that allowed for people to do as they please inside FedexForum is no longer a component of the Memphis Grizzlies franchise.