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UPDATED: Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher got into a physical confrontation

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Memphis Grizzlies newly acquired wing & crazy dude Matt Barnes and New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher were apparently both in Los Angeles this past weekend. They apparently ran into each other. And they apparently didn't care very much for that occasion.

Lol? Has it already started? I knew the Grizzlies would be 'bad boys' on the court this season with the combination of Zach Randolph, Tony Allen and Beno Udrih Matt Barnes, but I thought it would generally be confined to the actual court ... and involve other players, not coaches.

We'll keep you posted. Hopefully this doesn't amount to anything more than some additional (and probably unnecessary) motivation when the Grizzlies play the Knicks this season.

UPDATE: Okay, here's the scoop from the New York Post. Fisher was dating Barnes' estranged wife, Gloria Govan, who lives in LA. While the Grizzlies were at training camp in Santa Barbara Barnes caught wind and drove up to LA to beat some ass.

"Derek was in Gloria's back yard with about 10 people having a bonfire on ​​Saturday," said a source. "Derek's separated from his wife and there's a relationship with [Gloria]."

The source added, "Barnes was in Santa Barbara [at Memphis Grizzlies training camp] and heard that Fisher was in his house. He went crazy.

He got in his car and went to the house and went after Fisher." Another source said, "Someone told Matt that Fisher was at the house and he drove down there — he went over to confront Derek."

​A source close to Fisher ​confirmed the fight but said, "Matt came after Derek but he only had a few scratches ... Derek's not going to press charges, he's going to let it go."

Fisher left the scene before cops arrived, and we hear that Govan's planning to file a restraining order.

Wow. Matt Barnes is Memphis as fuck.

UPDATE II: As context of this incident and details come to light, I'd like to apologize to anyone who may have been offended by this post. I do not want to make light of things that might be domestic violence or domestic terrorism. This is a serious matter that Barnes and the Grizzlies will have to deal with. We'll continue to update you as facts and statements are made.

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UPDATE III: Comments from Joerger via Rob Fischer. This is going to be a slippery slope for the franchise.

UPDATE IV: Matt Barnes addresses the media regarding the incident.

UPDATE V: This was possibly more about Barnes' kids than his ex-wife.