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Full Recap: Finding the silver linings in a(nother) loss

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Trying to find some silver linings in the Grizzlies' loss to the Clippers.

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The Memphis Grizzlies lost to the Los Angeles Clippers 94-92 on Monday night. The loss put the Grizzlies at 3-5 through eight games, but the Grizzlies finally achieved something they had yet to get to this season.

The team that has looked dazed and confused through the first eight games finally looked like the Grizzlies, even if it was in a losing effort. It's important to find the silver linings when things just aren't going your way and not a ton is going Memphis' way in the past week.

Zach Randolph looked like Z-Bo

I have no idea if the eight games where Randolph struggled are the outlier or the one game where he looked like himself is, either way he was awesome against the Clippers. It was kind of like 2011 ZBo decided to come out of hiding to beat Blake Griffin up for a little bit.

In 40 minutes Randolph scored 26 points and pulled down 9 rebounds. The lefty showed off his whole arsenal of moves against Griffin. He was hitting midrange jumpers, he grabbed a few Z-Bounds, was getting the ball on duck-ins, taking guys off the dribble and posting up. It was a much needed throwback performance.

The defense tightened up

The defense was better as a whole against the Clippers and that's mostly due to Marc Gasol. The free throws he missed at the end of the game wouldn't have mattered if he wasn't doing his thing on the defensive end of the floor. He was roaming behind everyone, calling out plays and being a force. He's not 100 percent yet, but when he is I'd expect the Grizzlies defense to be better than it was against the Clippers.

JaMychal Green is a player

The younger Green didn't get a ton of time against the Clippers even with Brandan Wright out so that was disappointing. I guess you can justify not playing someone who can help spark the offense or defense with his effort and energy when ZBo was doing what he was doing. In the 16 minutes he did play, Green looked like a real NBA player for most of the time. He can bang with the big boys and come out the other side alrigth. The Grizzlies have definitely solved the "Green vs. Stokes" debate for the time being.

Jeff Green did some cool stuff

Jeff Green didn't have the best game ever, but he did have a couple of highlight plays that were pretty awesome and deserve recognition.

We have to be getting close to Russanity time

Beno Udrih just isn't right physically. I really don't think he should be playing. I've never seen him be so ineffective. Besides the one game against Portland Udrih has not been anywhere close to good this season. That continued against the Clippers. He shot 1-7 and was a pylon for Chris Paul to run around. If Beno is really hurt it's a shame they're making him play while a perfectly healthy 25 year old sits on the bench.

The front office and coach aren't waging are a PR war at each other over the coach's job

LOL just kidding that's totally still happening.

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