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Recapping the Enemy: The View From L.A (Clippers)

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Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Clippers fans.

Pre-game views

we better **** win this game

I hope we show a video for Matt Barnes tonight

Hope the fans give Barnes some love tonight.

Grizzlies have been stinking it up so lets keep them in that hole.

I'm sure Barnes and the other butthurt Grizz will try to give us everything they have. But this is a game the Clippers should win, and really need to win. Got to stop the bleeding and get back on track.

Tony Brothers, isn't that wonderful news !

In-game views

Allen is gaurding jj. Might be a tough night for him.

You would think after 3 shots you would stick Z-bo, not after 8...

What happened to the Clips' defense? Seems like the Grizzlies are just scoring at will.

Stop trying to get he ball to jj. It's not working. Allen is on his ass like white on rice

This is one of the worst exchanges of basketball I have ever seen in my life...holy crap

What I don't get, how can you allow the Grizzlies determine the pace of the game. This Clippers team man, needs instruction, an overhaul, new coach. This is your home court you dictate how the game is going to go, the pace.

thank goodness for all those ft's or we would really be trouble.

CP3's eye is getting fingered every which way tonight.

How about Blake's defense this year!? My God his defense on Gasol these last few possessions have been brilliant.

smelled it coming, this one is on me fellas. I was talking about the Grizzlies needing to blow it up a week ago.

Our 3FG% is an abysmal 23.5%. good thing the Grizzlies are worse at 20%.

Thank you, Tony Allen, for fouling JJ at the 3-point line!

Foul looked iffy...but you def don't need to play Matt barnes that aggressive.

NBA needs to investigate these refs

thank you Marc Gasol

Did he miss on purpose again, trying to get a win?

Post-game views

I got a feeling the Grizzlies coach will be fired soon.

Stupid Doc almost put the team in OT. Giving Memphis points at the end and extending the game.

It's situational, but in this case with Memphis such a poor 3 point shooting team, yeah I don't think I would have played this foul game.

A win is a win man. In the end I don't give a darn who gets the minutes I'll take the W any day over a tough opponent like that.

Mark Gasol sure doesn't look like the top guy of two years ago.

Never pretty vs the Grizz, but we had it all the way

Whatever happened to the dominant Marc Gasol? A shadow of his former self. Lucky us. Zack was great but couldn't carry them in the end.