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JaMychal Green Gives Memphis' Bench Signs of Life

After getting picked up in the middle of last season, JaMychal Green is finally getting some solid bench minutes and making the best of them. He's grabbed the attention of Grizz Nation. Has Memphis found the spark their bench needs?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

After being acquired in the middle of last season, JaMychal Green averaged only 7 minutes per game through the remainder of the year. However, Green is finally getting his chance this season as he is now averaging 14.4 minutes per game. Memphis has been in search of a reliable backup for Zach Randolph for what seems like forever, as Randolph needs more rest the older he gets. And Grizz Nation recalls last season when Randolph went down for an extended period of time, and it wasn't pretty. Well, Memphis might have finally found someone who can help solve their problem. Green not only brings athleticism to the table, but he also brings unbelievable effort and consistency. And with the problems the Grizzlies have been experiencing on both ends of the floor, Green is a breath of fresh air, and youth. He's only 25 years old.

Check out some of his highlights so far this season:

JaMychal Green just doesn't give up on plays:

Green has fully embraced the Grizzlies' philosophy of "All Heart, Grit, Grind" that has been pretty absent from the team as a whole lately. Per 100 possessions, Green has an offensive rating of 104. Although he doesn't necessarily spread the floor for Memphis, he provides a good rebounding force and athleticism, both of which are invaluable to the Grizzlies.

Coming out the University of Alabama, Green bounced around the D League and the NBA for his first couple of years. With his performance so far this season, though, he might have found a long-term home in Memphis. He boasts per game averages of 4.9 points and 4.5 rebounds. His athleticism and youth are extremely valuable to this veteran Grizzlies team. He can be relied on for solid, productive minutes and lays everything out on the floor when he plays. He's come out of the D League and shown that he deserves consistent bench minutes in the NBA.

Unfortunately for Jarnell Stokes, Green took the spotlight, and now Stokes has been traded to the Miami Heat. This proves that the Grizzlies thought that JaMychal Green was the better player and fit for the Memphis Grizzlies. When Green was given his chance to rise above Stokes in the rotation, he took it with force.

JaMychal Green doesn't just dunk. He even has some range to him as well. In Memphis' win against Brooklyn on Halloween, Green made his only three point attempt of the night. In the D League he was averaging 23 points per game and 11 rebounds. I have a feeling he won't be headed back to the D League anytime soon though.

Last Tuesday night, Green delivered a double-double with 12 points and 12 rebounds in the Sacramento Kings game. Green excels at rebounding and resembles a younger Zach Randolph in that regard. We've seen him throw down put-back dunks after missed free throws, and we've seen him save offensive possessions for the Grizz. Most of all, he's providing the spark that the Memphis bench needs, which overall has been slightly disappointing. And with the "Core Four" growing older, the Grizzlies need younger guys who can step up and provide meaningful minutes. JaMychal Green has done just that. And now with Jarnell Stokes gone, he's definitely the next man up at the backup power forward position. If he can continue to show the amounts of effort and tenacity that he has so far, then JaMychal Green should be around for a long time. The Memphis Grizzlies got a steal in Green, and now they're reaping the benefits.