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Final Score: Shorthanded Memphis Grizzlies Fall To Golden State Warriors, 100-84

Better effort, same result. Warriors move to 9-0, Grizzlies to 3-6.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Injury / Trade Notes

The Grizzlies only dressed 9 for this one. Jarrell Martin (foot), Jordan Adams (knee), and Brandon Wright (knee) were all in suits, Vince Carter was a DNP-OLD, and newcomers James Ennis and Mario Chalmers were not available in time for the game.

Game Story

The Memphis defense looked alive in this one, even if the early score didn't show it. Golden State ran up a casual 35-21 lead despite being thrown out of rhythm (they can do that), and the Grizzlies' shooting woes continued – they lagged in the low 20's for much of the first half. But trailing by 11 with less than three minutes left in the second quarter, the Grizzlies buckled down and got to the free throw line, where Marc Gasol's 9 of 10 helped them pull within 6 by halftime. JaMychal Green was a pleasant surprise, notching 7 and 2 rebounds plus a fun block of Steph Curry.

Scrapping to stay close throughout the third, the Grizzlies made it 68-67 only to be dusted again by an 11-2 run, including another annoyingly good Steph Curry three... which he kindly added an encore at the third quarter buzzer. I won't show you the second one. Just imagine the feeling you get when your cart crests the top of the Zippin Pippin and you think you might be about to die.

The starters were gassed by the fourth quarter, and back to back threes by Klay Thompson and Draymond Green broke the camel's back with 6:30 to go. The Warriors rode a comfortable 15+ point lead to the final buzzer.


With a short bench, the onus was squarely on the starters tonight. Zach Randolph had 21, Gasol had 26, and Tony Allen had a quiet 15. Mike Conley and Courtney Lee finished with a combined 2-19. Not the balance you want going against the best team in the league.

Matt Moore, how should we feel about this one?