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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Golden State

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Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Warriors fans.

Pre-game views

let's go for 60pt differential this time!!!

This game has me worried. Memphis is going to want blood at home tonight. If this is a game of skill, the Grizz don't stand a chance, but if it becomes an ugly, overly physical game, our Dubs could be in trouble.

I figure the Grizzlies got embarrassed last time and they won't want it to happen again... then again, their game does not match up well with the Warriors.

In-game views

Bogut beats the 24 second shot clock with a 20 footer. Extending his range.

Mo needs to just go straight back to the locker room and get dressed.

This could arguably be the worst Warrior quarter of the season. Team is in all sorts of disarray.

These refs...

That second quarter was brutal.

Gasol is too crafty for Festus. Should have started go Bogut the second half

Turnovers, Grizzlies defense or Warriors just not sharp? I guess it is a bit of both

Man, not the most fluid game i've seen from this team

These refs are calling too many **** fouls


As terrible as that quarter was, we still outscored them by 5. Weird.

Warriors grinding it out. So good to see.

Post-game views

Aside from a couple of flashes, Speights has been epically bad this year, tonight being the worst. EDIT: So far, he's the only Warrior with a negative in the +/- with a -6. Same as last game, he was the only negative. Dude is stinking it up something fierce.

Just appreciate that we get to watch one of the great ones.

If anybody but Curry throws in a almost Half court buzzer beater 3 I would call it luck. When Curry does it it is just more of the greatest shooter of all time being the greatest shooter of all time.

Disappointing double-digit road win vs vet playoff team gunning for revenge....

Steph did it in the playoffs was it against the Grizzlies as well? Overall ya f**k them I was in Vancouver when they stole the team.

Huge Jordan fan, but (Curry) is easily the best offensive player in the history of the NBA and he's just starting.

Curry = Executive Chef. Conley = Dishwasher.

Its sad when the Warriors coulda won by 50 again if they didn't have so many turn overs and foul problems...

Pretty bad when all Memphis had is drawing fouls....what a joke. I guess you can win games by living at the free throw line

Man,I could have sworn the refs were trying to give our dubs their first loss. But not GSW . They are destined to repeat.

The Warriors made the grizzlies look like they were playing the harlem globetrotters! memphis the new Washington Generals

There was never a shadow of a doubt! Homecourt or away from home, with or without a center starter, with a head coach or none, nothing else to prove!