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The Chip Williams Podcast with Kevin Hughes

Picks, college football, Missouri, NBA

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Hughes from Rocky Top Insider is back for his weekly Friday spot. We made our usual picks against the spread, and I switched my teaser to the NFL because I've almost given up on my college football picks.

Kevin and I also talked a good amount of SEC football, including Bama-Miss St. and how ridiculously loaded the conference is with running backs.

Tennessee has a pretty good tradition with quarterbacks, so we talked about Josh Dobbs' legacy at Tennessee.

We also touched on a decent amount of NBA stuff like Dave Joerger job's security, why the Kings are trying to relive 2001, and KRISTAPS.

We also went somewhat serious and talked about the situation that unfolded at Missouri including the power of college athletes and why First Ammendment rights were violated by First Ammendment defenders.

Finally, we talked a little bit about why it is that east and middle Tennessee seem to have much better high school football the west Tennessee and Memphis.

(P.S. Sorry for the first 30 or so seconds.)

Be sure you're checking out GBBLive with Joe Mullinax who had Andrew Ford and Geoff Calkins join him this week. I'm going to try and record a Grizz podcast with Joe next week.