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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Portland

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Trail Blazers fans.

Pre-game views

Here's to a first half blowout where Lillard scores 50 and Cliffy gets PT so we can see what he's all about

Does anyone but me wonder why Dame had a thumbnail long enough to get ripped in a game?

Because he needs to get in the nail salon instead of in the gym working on his jumper smh

Of course he's going to lose his shot. I don't even think I can press the space bar on my keyboard using the thumb with the nail ripped off. I'm surely going to switch thumbs - can't say the same for Dame.

Would like Aminu at PF in Leonard's absence, but probably not against Marc/ZBo.

In-game views

Grizz have an underrated TV broadcasting crew. Pete Pranica and Brevin Knight do a pretty nice job.

Is their a crowd there? It seems awfully quiet.

Wow. Memphis looks old and slow compared to the Blazers.... And we have Sasquash out there!


Chalmers is really giving CJ fits.

Tony Allen on offense is really really really really really really really really bad

is Tony Allen capable of putting the ball in the basket?
signs point to no.

Grizz are the NBA equivalent of 1960s/70s brutalist architecture.

Right now Gasol could launch the ball out of his butt and it would go in.

Not sure how we beat Memphis before. They're solid. We're young and stupid.

You're welcome Memphis 30 turnovers is the least we could do

Somebody go knock the teeth out of Barnes ugly face please

Gasol is a serial flopper in the post

Yeah watching Gasol in the post is so boring he either falls into you our hits you and rubber bands into wacky inflatable tube guy

I don't want my heart broken in these last 10 seconds.

Dang, no one rebounded on that. Oh well, time for Lillard to win in 0.6.

So to those who don't think we have a defensive rebounding issue ... There it is

Post-game views

Oh well, another loss closer to that juicy draft pick.

Crap! Oh well, coulda went either way. I guess I'd rather be in Portland's place than Memphis'?

Refs have nothing to do with bad player or coaches decisions.

Lmao Stotts... No rebounder on that last play when you knew ZBo is under the rim.... Smh... Should have put Davis in there.

You play a slow Memphis team that you absolutely destroyed the first time and then you lose the second time you play them? That is pathetic! Also I have noticed that they have intentionally started losing by single digits just to look like they aren't tanking! You have 10 first round picks on the roster and still can't get the job done? That's pathetic!

Kevin Durant is coming to Portland