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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Minnesota

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Timberwolves fans.

Pre-game views

- The Grizz have had a rough start- making folks wonder if Staples own Dave Joerger will lose his job.

- It's a good thing he signed a big new contract recently in part thanks to Flip.

- Gotta show progress and win games like this at home.

- The Griz have really struggled, and I am not sure exactly why. Hopefully we are not the cure for what ails them!

- I think we're all looking forward to the KAT/Gasol matchup. Maybe I'm drinking the kool aid too much here, but I think Towns will do just fine against Gasol.

In-game views

- Conley draws 2 quicks ones on Zach. Zach is quick, but not when he's put on skates defensively because of Conley's handle.

- Lot of ticky tack fouls being called against us. What is worse is that we are playing the grizzlies who are known for being physical...

- Towns is struggling with Gasol guarding him. Is too easily pushed off the block, this will be a good experiance for him.

- Grizzlies are on fire tonight.

- Do Zach Randolph or Marc Gasol ever miss mid-range jump shots?! At least they don't against us. And of course Conley is hitting everything in sight too. I swear, the basket much look huge to opponents when they come into Target Center.

- Just tuned in. Down 6 at halftime. All good, now I get to watch the end of the game as we rally to win!

- Towns looking like a beast down low defensively but we need to get him going on the offensive as these jump shots won't keep falling.

- Even the Grizzlies destroy us when it comes to hitting three balls. This game is over. Rubio, you need to get your ass healthy, team relies on him big time. He's coming up on missing half the season so far already.

- **** Conley

Post-game views

- Another shoulda, woulda, coulda kind of game

- This game is perfect example of why we are bad. Bad teams lose these kind of games.

- So glad we could help Conley and the Grizz break out of their shooting slump.

- I guess the tank mode is back on.

- Meh, Grizz just outsmarted us. Bad turnovers and bad shot selection in the 4th. Probably a different outcome if Ricky plays.

- Memphis was beatable and we squandered the opportunity.

- Conley is such a underrated player. Love his game.

- Effing Memphis coming into this game was pretty much last in all the shooting stats and then they come in and knock down everything. And a lot of those 3's were contested too. Argh!