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Recapping the Enemy: The View from Oklahoma City

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Thunder fans.

Pre-game views

Hopefully Thunder will take the bite out of the Grizzlies! Go Thunder! "THUNDER UP" One game at a time to the finals!

I won't be surprised if okc lose to memphis considering how they lost to celtics in an embarrassing way.

Always a great game to watch when we play Memphis, won't miss this one

In-game views

Holy shit. F**k kyle singler. Dude is getting open 3s off penetration and kicks and he is just bricking them time and time again. Russ had to ask for a shooter so that we can actually play some damn basketball

chalmers looks like Bubbles from The Wire

Super messy game so far. No flow whatsoever

Those Memphis uniforms are hideous.

I feel like we're playing a team from SemiPro.

Yea uniforms are very 70's. Cheerleader outfits are pretty good though. Don't know why they are doing any of this though to be honest. Odd change.

Kanter 8 points early

Awesome against the slower Gasol

Gasol and Randolph have been limited to jumpers so far, good interior D from OKC

So much Collison defense on Randolph

And Westbrook is just beasting the end of this third quarter, total attack mode. Sucks how much rebounding we give up, but whatever

Post-game views

Memphis went 12/17 from three...that's 71%. The Memphis Bleeping Grizzlies turn into the Warriors when they play us.

Memphis Grizzlies on the season: 93.4 PPG Tonight: 122 points

Memphis Grizzlies on the season: 57/196 3P, 29% Tonigh: 12/17 3P, 71%

Shoot me now.

You have to give some credit to Memphis here with their ball movement getting their three pointers free. I'm not sure if it was subconscious on my part but a fair few of them seemed to sail over Dions hand.

Payne can learn a lot from Mike Conley, because they have the same style. Good Deci BD.

This is not the memphis you are looking for! We want the one where the dubs stomped them by 50 back!

Man I miss the days when the Griz shot 3’s like Junior Highers. 70% from distance……crap

Adams Zbo was fun last night. Adams made Zbos night physical and difficult with ZBo shooting 4-16 and Joerger sitting him for most of the 4th.

We can't win if we let low scoring teams like the Grizzlies put up 122 points, we need better defense guys. They were scoring every possession, come on we are better than that.

Grizzlies were a bunch of thugs! Beat up and cheat on our guys while refs were oblivious,our guys tug on a shirt and get a foul call. The Ref's won it for the Griz's!

Just a garbage team without Durant.