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The Chip Williams Podcast with Joe Mullinax - Grizzlies Edition

Lots and lots of Grizz talk.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Grizzly Bear Blues senior staff writer and host of GBBLive Joe Mullinax jumped on the podcast to talk about a whole bunch of Grizzlies, NBA and even some college football.

Joe wrote a(nother) Jeff Green article, so we talk about whether Grizz fans can expect the version of Jeff Green we've gotten over the last few games or the one that struggled, and at time looked unplayable, over the first handful of games or something in between.

We also talked about Mario Chalmers and why he's been so good during his first three games with the Grizz. Joe said that Mike Conley will be the biggest beneficiary of the Chalmers addition, and he talked about what his numbers will look like at the end of the season.

JaMychal Green has been big for the Grizz, so I asked Joe what type of ceiling he has and how important will he be going forward.

We touched on the Rockets struggles (note: this was before the Rockets fired Kevin McHale), the T'Wolves young talent and I made Joe pick a couple of game against the spread for Wednesday night.

Finally, I asked high school football coach Joe for his thoughts on the Memphis Tigers, Butch Jones and the college football playoff.