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The Chip Williams Podcast with Kevin Hughes

Picks, College basketball and football, NBA

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Hughes of is back for his regular Friday gig.

I accidentally said something about Billy Joel, and I apologized for it.

We made our picks against the spread for both college football and the NFL.

We talked a bunch of NBA stuff including Mario Chalmers now being a borderline max player/hall of famer, Clippers-Warriors which featured Lance Stephenson's first DNP-CD and how to fix the problem of college basketball players being so underdeveloped when they get to the NBA.

We touched on Ronda Rousey's loss.

College basketball season has started and Perry Ellis still plays for Kansas, and we're pretty confident Alex Poythress has had the most teammates in the history of college basketball during his time at Kentucky.

Missouri now has an opening in college football, and Texas may be soon to follow, who fits at those two jobs? (You can probably guess.)

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