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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Houston

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Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Rockets fans.

Pre-game views

-This game will tell us a lot about whether the Blazers win was the start of something or just a fluke

-Harden in the post, punish c.lee

-Lets win with Defense! Go Rockets!

-Team with size. Pencil it a loss. Quit wishful thinking. Let's move on the season is already over.

-I am pessimistic about this one. But on the other hand Memphis doesn't play well themselves, their defence has fallen off and they can't shoot a lick.

In-game views

-brick city

-Sigh... this team. We score 14 pts in 5 min... then 3pts in the next 6min.

-The Rockets are getting outshot 40% to 31.6% and the Grizzlies bench has outscored ours 14-3. There's your ballgame. I'm frankly amazed we're only down 4.

-this game is over. more changes necessary for morey

-Memphis getting a lot of calls

-the reffing looks rigged

-Conley is destroying us...

-grizzlies offense is bad but the rockets defense is worse...

-We're making the laughable Grizz offense look like the Warriors out there

-60 points in a half for one of the worst offensive teams in the league.

-Why don't we have Ariza D Conely the **** up? So frustrating.

-Well I'm out. Guna go watch YouTube highlights of last season

-Tony Allen, First Team All-Offense?

-tony allen hitting jumpers wtf

-This is utterly pathetic. It's so sad watching this team play basketball (if you want to call it that). I can't believe how pathetic they look. Absolutely pathetic.

-Did the Memphis commentator just say "Houston makes you play sloppy whether you want to or not?" OMG, what the hell is happening?

Post-game views

-Wtf happened to lawson? No wonder the Nuggets gave him up for a kit kat bar

-GSW blow this team out easy but we struggle ?

-Beating Memphis is always a challenge for the Rockets, but, damn, the Rockets look bad

-I really hate that this team is the laughing stock of the NBA.

-Good defense (Grizzlies 96 points)

-Honestly, if the Griz are scoring 96, you're playing average to below average defense.

-96 points by a ****ty grizzly offense doesnt constitute good defense.

-We play Memphis again next wednesday. We have 4 days in the middle to practice, it will be interesting to see how we prepare that game.

-Marc Gasol basically schooled Dwight on 1-1 match up in today's game, and actually experienced more difficulty playing against Capela. Dwight is still a good rebounder but that's all he can bring to this team at this stage of his career. Just not good enough for a supposed 'Superstar', if you ask me.

-Gasol did nothing, actually nothing that the Grizzles did today in offense were good.