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Memphis Grizzlies Top 5 Stories of the Week

Catch up on all your latest Grizzlies action.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday the Grizzlies broke in their new Memphis Sounds alternate uniforms to much applause. They made everyone look great and play great. We even had a Blazers fan tell us that he'd root for the Grizzlies going forward if they made a permanent switch to the uniform.

Monday's game against OKC was also a bit of a coming out party for Mario Chalmers. The newly acquired PG lit FedexForum on fire and won over Memphis in a way I didn't think possible. The question now is how long will the honeymoon last and where does he settle in?

Jeff Green continues to be polarized like a pair of sunglasses. Sometimes he looks brilliant and crisp, other times he does a weird thing where you can't see your TV screen and you just want to close your eyes. But to his credit he's looked more comfortable over the Grizzlies winning streak.

Mike Conley started looking like the Mike Conley we'll consider an All-Star snub in February. Over the last four games he's even shot 57% from three!

The new episode of GBBLive is a chocked full of Grizzlies news including conversations with ILoveMemphisBlog's Holly Whitfield and Jonathan May of 3SOB Radio.

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