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Recapping The Enemy: The View From San Antonio

The Memphis Grizzlies' four game win streak came to an end tonight with a 92-82 loss in San Antonio. What did the enemy say before, during, and after tonight's game?

Pre-game views

- Conley and Chalmers are probably going to combine for 60, tbh.

- Interesting matchup. The spurs aren't as bad of a matchup for Memphis as they were two years ago...well see. Chalmers is contributing really well.

- Can't wait to see Chalmers score 30.. Anyway, Spurs with Manu win by 10, Spurs without Manu lose by 20. (SPOT ON).

- It should be a good game bc the Grizzlies have trended up, but I will miss LaMarcus TBH. The difference between LaMarcus to Bonner is just ....

In-game views

- Jamychal Green, Tony Allen, Jeff Green

- D.West hot!!! That one was for me lol

- Leonard's offense continues to really piss me off.

- The Griz Will make this a grind tbh

- I swear to God I'd like to beat the hell out of Jeff Davis 4 TIMES!


- Chalmers looks to be in better shape. I had not seen him all season. He's been hot so we better put a hand up on him.

- there's a 0.001% chance that Manu didn't go on the Ben Johnson diet during the Summer, tbh..

- Manu f****** Ginobili. Love this guy! I swear him and Timmy better come back next season. Look how much juice they still got!

- MVParker saving the Spurs from KawhISO's terrible game.

- Manu flopping like it's 2005 and Tony driving like it's 2007.

- damn what happened to gasol? Dude is stiff and slow, last season he was a beast.

- good 1st half... if you can drop 100 on the grizz, you most likely win.

- Knew this was coming. Triple OT tonight?

- Green for 33333333333!

- Kyle has been everywhere!!!! Giving Pop a heart attack.

- They could renovate the AT&T Center again with all these bricks.

Post-game views

- showing Matt Barnes who's boss, tbh.

- Glad they got the win, but this was an incredibly annoying game.

- Fun game to watch.

- death taxes and beating the s*** out of the Grizz.