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10 Things You Should Expect to See at a Grizzlies’ Family BBQ

Here in Memphis, barbecuing is where family, culture, and meat join forces. There are differences between what happens at a Memphis BBQ and what happens at other BBQ s, but, let’s keep it real, you already know that.

Warren Price Photography

When you combine the best basketball team (Memphis Grizzlies) with the best BBQ, you're in for a crazy, family get-together. You will definitely hear Tony Allen say "First team all Brisket," ZBo and Jeff arguing over who has the best potato salad, and JaMychal Green and Jarell Martin talking about their hunting days.

You will undoubtedly see Courtney Lee and Mike Conley checking their swag in the mirror. You will most definitely hear Matt Barnes talk about how he whooped that trick (Derek Fisher).

While these things haven't actually happened, we can agree that they probably will. In this make believe scenario of a Memphis Grizzlies family BBQ, I have come up with a list of things and moments that are likely to occur.

1. ZBo is the Grill Master: We can all agree that ZBo is the old-school uncle behind the grill, claiming that his wings are the ish.

2. Tony Allen's Playlist: Future, Jay Z, Migos, Kanye, and Yo Gotti

3. Captain Clutch Coleslaw: It took some time, but Mike Conley finally perfected his coleslaw. Conley has shown up in some of the biggest moments in Grizzlies history, so he will come clutch with the coleslaw we most desperately need with our bbq.

4. Drunk Tony vs Drunk Matt: Odds are they both show up with a bottle. Tony is happy drunk. Matt is mad drunk.

5. Marc Gasol's Marinade: Wendigo cares not for your bbq sauce. Wendigo gets his hands dirty. His sauce is half man and half beast. Savvy, savory, and scrumptious.


7. Chalmers Will Bring Fish to a BBQ: Growing up in Alaska, Mario was used to some fresh wild salmon. I can guarantee he will get clowned rigorously for this mistake.

8. Matt Barnes Will Bring a "Ratchet" Chick: Inevitably, Barnes will be bringing "that" chick. Courtney Lee will look, even though he knows he shouldn't. She will most likely crowd around ZBo, trying to "get in where she fits in" to get that first plate.

9. Jordan Adams Will Bring Utensils and get "Flamed"

10. Vince Carter Will Oversee the BBQ: He will insist that ZBo is doing everything wrong, claiming he should have used gas instead of charcoal. (ZBo has to be a charcoal guy). He will also make sure nothing "pops off" at the BBQ.