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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Dallas

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Mavs fans.

Pre-game views

- Only way they beat us is if Zbo continues to go God mode against us like he has been the last few years. I really feel good about the zaza-zbo match up compared to recent years

- Bottom 4 are 2 games behind us already. Gotta protect this little separation.  MEM would be 3 games behind if we beat them...

- Mavs have better offense than Grizzlies. More clutch players.

- If Mavs play solid defense (nothing too special) = Mavs win

- Easy win. Tbh.

- We really better hope Z-Bo doesn't go tonight. Remember that game last season where he was taking and making all those ridiculous shots? Like fadaway contested jumpers... every single one went in. Take him out of the equation and they don't have a whole lot of scoring options. This is a winnable game regardless though. Go Mavs!!

In-game views

- mavs horrible over passing leading to turnovers.... Just shoot when your open.......

- Zaza playing Gasol tough. I like that!

- Mavs getting punked by Barnes lmao

- It's not that Memphis isn't absolutely beatable. Our guys need to focus and be aware of swarming defenders.

- If we were playing a good team we'd be getting run out of the gym

- Someone please tell Dirk that being in the paint is not an STD.

- Geez, Gasol is punking us

- My goodness Barea can't keep up with Conley at all

- Chalmers having a field day on us.

- Yet another phantom foul to give Memphis free throws................

- Waste of effort. The hacking strategy isn't working.

Post-game views

- Memphis arent even good man.. what a sad game

- I hate Mike Conley, at least the Grizzlies arent winning **** this year

- Memphis OWNS Dallas. They know they can just bully Dallas, no matter who's wearing the jersey.

- Gasol and Conley are such BS players man

- Marc Gasol = mediocre

- Im just glad Gasol will never win ****

- They didn't even have Zach Randolph. Still smashed us. :(

- I was sleeping on Memphis but they've been without Randolph and B Wright they are going to be dangerous, but of course no ones beating GS.

- Without Z-Bo, Grizzlies are really nothing special. Limited offense , but still good defense.