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Fantasy Update: Randolph and Wright still sitting with Green and Barnes soaking up minutes

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies are running very low on big men and will experiment with different small-ball lineups until Zach Randolph (knee) and Brandan Wright (knee) are able to return. Randolph is likely only to miss a couple of more games while Wright has no definite timeline for his return.

With those two players out the Grizzlies have utilized a lot more of Jeff Green and Matt Barnes, Green starting at PF and Barnes at SF last night.

Matt Barnes is averaging 34 MPG, 12 PPG and nearly 6 RPG in the last three games. He's shooting much better from the field but still struggling from three. Eventually the long range is going to even out for Barnes.

Jeff Green is averaging 14.5 PPG over the past six games after having a rough start to the season. He's found a groove by focusing on his strengths which include attacking through the paint and getting to the free throw line. He's minimized his 3-point shots and been much more effective with the select few he's taken. He's also upped his rebounding efforts over the past couple of games with Z-Bo sitting.

The two of them have found a bit of rhythm together as well!

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