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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Houston Rockets

Check out the grades for the Griz in their win over the Rockets.

Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 102 - Rockets 93

Coach Dave Joerger:

Grade: A

Coach Dave gets some extra points here for playing Courtney Lee some good minutes and giving him time to get into a pretty good roll for himself after his rough game the night before. He also stayed with the starting  lineup that got him the win last night. Having Jeff Green start and playing with Matt Barnes in the starting lineup again seemed to infuse the starting five with speed and more defensive intensity, and I credit Joerger for seeing what worked for him yesterday and again following the age old adage: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Or at least don't fix it until Z-Bo is back.


Mike Conley: 33 MINS/ 19 PTS/ 7-9 FGS/ 5 ASTS/+1

Grade: A++

Mr. Mike Conley came to play tonight. He was aggressive throughout, very efficient (it felt to me like he couldn't miss) and handed out 5 assists as well. It appears to me that he has been giving up the three-point shot more or less (even though he hit a dagger three late in the fourth) in favor of constantly attacking and putting pressure on the defense. He really seems to be visibly trying to leave his imprint on the game, he sets up the offense as well as ever, and is the same pesky defender on defense, but on offense Conley has taken it more on himself to keep driving to the hole and converting. And just like yesterday against the Mavericks, the Rockets just couldn't handle Conley.

Tony Allen: 28 MINS/ 10 PTS/ 5-10 FGS/ 5 REBS/+13

Grade: B

Tony Allen was his normal self tonight. I was surprised a bit by the 10 field goal attempts (he doubled his attempts from yesterday) but he made half of them, so there is that. He had a little bit of a tough time guarding James Harden (everyone did, the man did have 40) but he stuck in gamely and did his job. He also continued to help out on the glass with 5 rebounds (2 of them offensive) and 2 steals. A great effort by him.

Matt Barnes: 31 MINS/ 13 PTS/ 5-11 FGS/ 8 REBS/-1

Grade: B+

Matt Barnes followed up a good game last night with an encore tonight. He continued to hustle and make his impact felt on the defensive end, but he also helped out on the boards as well, finishing two rebounds short of a double-double (last night he had 7 rebounds) He converted 2 out of 6 from three point range, and also tossed in three assists. And let me tell you the hustle of Barnes, with the active movement he brings on both the offensive and defensive end, man that effort is contagious. And I think these last couple of games all of the Grizzlies have picked it up a little from him.

Jeff Green: 32 MINS/ 20 PTS/ 5-10 FGS/ 10-10 FTS/ +3

Grade: A

Ah, Jeff Green. He ended up with more scoring tonight then yesterday (by only one point, but still), but from totally different ways. Against the Mavs, Green hit some jumpers to go along with some great drives to the rim and a timely three. Tonight, Green only went 5-10 from the field, but his attacking the rim and staying active around the boards did get him to the line multiple times, where he hit all 10 of his free throws. Green also collected 7 rebounds, and his overall stat line was a very impressive 20 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assists, and 1 steal. I'll give him an A. Nothing spectacular, but a solid performance all around.

Marc Gasol: 39 MINS/ 11 PTS/ 5-12 FGS/ 7 REBS/+16

Grade: B

Marc Gasol played OK, this was his second straight night with a subpar shooting effort but he did out rebound Mr. Dwight Howard himself, so perhaps that is why I'm cutting him some slack with his performance out there. He also held Howard to 12 points as well, and that pretty much put all the pressure on Harden to keep the Rockets in there offensively.  Gasol added 7 rebounds and 2 assists in the win.  All in all just another good effort punched in by Gasol. But a team leading 6 turnovers definitely didn't help win me over, and that is why he gets a B.


JaMychal Green: 12 MINS/ 6 PTS/ 2-6 FGS/-1

Grade: D

JaMychal got 12 minutes of action, and didn't do a heck of a lot with it. He got 6 points, and grabbed three rebounds as well. However, 5 fouls in 12 minutes will not keep you on the court for long, no matter the reason.

Mario Chalmers: 23 MINS/ 6 PTS/ 2-7 FGS/ 5 ASTS/+3

Grade: B

Mario came in off the bench and really kept the tempo up for the Grizzlies. He didn't have the best of shooting nights (2-7 from the field. 0-3 from deep) But he did a great job distributing the ball (He finished with 5 assists, tied with Conley for the most on the Griz) and he picked up three rebounds as well. I would love for Chalmers to keep the assist total around 5, but maybe just get a couple more points up on the board, and I think he'll be all right. A decent game for Chalmers, but we all know he can give us better.

Courtney Lee: 27 MINS/ 17 PTS/  8-14 FGS/ 2 ASTS/+1

Grade: A

Courtney, Courtney, Courtney. Did you read your report card last night and do some extra studying? In a little less than 24 hours, I go from moaning the recently horrible play of Lee and looking for a shooting guard who can step in, to praising Lee for his late game heroics and his clutch jump shots. In that forth quarter he was definitely putting the moves on Corey Brewer, easily shaking him off before rising for that silky smooth mid range jumper. 10 of his 17 points came in that forth quarter, which not only got the Grizzlies out of a bit of a dry spell (don't worry, the rockets were in one as well) but which also put the Rockets away. He didn't add too much more on the stat sheet other than scoring, but that was all that was needed from him tonight. Great bonce back game Courtney, you definitely received your well earned A. Let's bring this same effort against Atlanta on Friday.

Vince Carter: 15 MINS/ 0 PTS/ 6 REBS/ 2 ASTS/ +10

Grade: B-

Vince Carter only took one shot (a three) and as you can see from the stat line, he missed it. But he picked up two assists and helped on the boards with 6 rebounds, so I felt obligated to give him a better grade for helping out in other ways, He also didn't jack up shots, Carter mostly played in the flow of the offense. He just happened to get only one shot, and he missed it. Otherwise good game by him.


James Ennis

Russ Smith


Zach Randolph- Sore Knee

Jarell Martin- Foot

Brandan Wright- Sore Knee