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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Houston

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Rockets fans.

Pre-game views

- Twelve and four in the next sixteen!!

- I predict a loss. Last time the Rockets had 3 days off, they lost at home to the freaking Nets.

- Randolph may not play again. Good news

- Rockets have had multiple days to rest and I have tickets to this game. I predict a loss

In-game views

- this team needs to be renamed to a brick theme

- I hate Matt Barnes soo much!!

- Midrange shooters ALWAYS kill Houston

- On pace for 856863479856439857498 turnovers.

- Every time the Grizz shoot, and we foul them, they make it. They have like 5 or 6 3 point plays

- Harden is the only reason we are close

- If jeff Green is getting and 1's just give up

- Green is getting every single call tonight.

- I wanna cry.. why are we so careless with the ball. So many fastbreak points for the Grizzlies, and they are a team specializes on half court offense

- We are making Jeff Green look like Anthony Davis

- I hate these Mario Kart outfits we wearing tonight

- Man Dwight is moving as fast as Vince Carter.

- Let's keep letting Lee shoot the shot hes made 5 times in a row

Post-game views

- This team is gonna drive me to shoot heroin.

- This team without Harden on the floor is worse than the Sixers.

- In the penalty for 10 mins of the 4th and its a 5 pt game and we lose by more than 10 in the end thanks to awful D, awful passing, awful spacing and AWFUL SHOOTING.

- I need to see a depressed since the season started

- The Grizz had 6 players to score in double figures. Hmmm I remember when we use to have 5 or more players scoring in double figures. I don't want to say the season is over with but damn we look so damn bad.

- Couldn't get stops when we needed to. Harden gave good effort on D though. Brewer was absolutely torched by Courtney Lee and JB did nothing about it. I think Lee scored like 80% of memphis points in the last quarter, Brewer can't defend a lamp post.