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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Golden State

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Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Warriors fans.

Pre-game views

The Warriors needed the tandem of David Lee and Andrew Bogut to come back and beat Memphis in the playoffs last year...Fast forward 6 months, Lee has long since been traded and Bogut is sitting out with a broken face. I expect a W, as hot as the Warriors have come outta the gate, but the season's first loss wouldn't shock me... Zach Randolph is a problem for Draymond Green. Maybe Jason Thompson will be of use here.

Grizzlies still not a championship contender

It's a blessing to play 4 straight opening games against a playoff team.

In-game views

Real close battle so far. Refs giving us no love.

Playoff caliber basketball from both teams. Just waiting on things to get a little contentious, just a matter of time...

Memphis dictating the tempo of this game. Dubs need to speed the game and get out in transition.

Memphis' senior citizen lineup cant hang with the Warriors bench.

Memphis played so well and so hard and now they are down 11. Fun being a Warrior fan.

Ok, Brandon Rush got his time in to show Memphis that they didn't kill his career 2 years ago. Take him back out.

The Griz ...without much 3 threat,tempo, ain't about come from behind. They want a close game, battles in the paint. We want to send a message to any West contenders... we KNOW how to beat you.

Memphis 1-10 from three, their team can not win a title with their current offense.

This avalanche is just getting started.

Look of disgust on Gasol's face after Draymond to Ezeli dunk.

This is flat out stupid

But the Grizz are missing their starting center and coach, oh wait that's the Warriors

Post-game views

Wow, what a show. I don't really think the Grizzlies stunk; the Grizzlies just got hit with the Warriors playing some great ball.

They shook off the rust... we won by 50. Hey Griz... here's a heaping bowl of HUMILITY... would ya like BBQ sauce on that?

Block Party. Hot damn 65 rebounds and 13 blocks. Fez and Dray holding the paint down on lock.

Wow. Amazing start to the season by the Warriors who have just destroyed another western conference rival. The Warriors seem to have a real chip on their shoulders about the criticism over their championship run last season. Hopefully they can maintain the rage for the whole season.

Warriors defense tonight was a thing of beauty.

This last full year has been basketball nirvana. We're living every fan's dream right now

It's over for them..Cavs stomped them..then the Dubs demolished them..time to make a deal.

This win is one of the great wins.