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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Philadelphia

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Sixers fans.

Pre-game views

- This is the one. No more **** around

- I hope they play hard and make the game watchable. Last 5 games were close, where we lose less than 5 points.

- hopefully Jah doesn't punch cops while speeding on his way to the arena

- They are a poor shooting team so we'll do fine as long as our bigs keep their ground on the defensive end.

- I expect our small (pace and space) line-up giving the Grizz trouble.

- We have almost same reb% with the grizz.

- they should over power us with their two bigs...but apparently they have been meh this season

In-game views

- Jerami Grant won the jump ball against Marc Gasol. That's enough wins for me tonight

- This is gonna be a slooooooow game.

- Wassup with the arena, everyone is slipping and sliding

- The Grizzlies announce squad is like listening to Cspan call a game.

- Okafor is really struggling against Marc.

- I think Memphis fans try to stay as quiet as possible

- Jah struggles against stronger guys like Dwight and Marc. Fortunately for him, there are only a few guys that are stronger than him in the league.

- Mario Chalmers is one of the players I hate most in the NBA.

- Boy these are two terrible teams.

- only down 6 says more about them than us

- Here comes the tie, we are about 4 minutes away from getting the lead and 8 from a collapse. All goes well.

- Conley is salty right now

- Grizzlies doing all they can to help us win

- I'm loving this old folks dance team

- Grizz likes to play at a slow pace, they are having a tough time matching our helter skelter type basketball.

- This is where we crumble I assume.

- And this game isssssssss OVER! 0-82!

Post-game views

- It's difficult to have a noticeable gut in a loose-fitting basketball jersey, but Marc Gasol pulled it off.

- We're playing these teams close, they're just better. Not sure why this is so bad. Just be happy we're keeping it close.

- Another 4th quarter collapse, on to the next one.

- imo there is no moral victory's in sports either you win or you lose we could say this team is fighting every game all we want but still not 1 single win yet.

- We missed out on the win but I'm sure the boys will redeem themselves in the clubs tonight, the game was really just a warm up.