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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Sacramento

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Kings fans.

Pre-game views

- A game at home without Cousins and I'm not full of doom and gloom and despair. They can do this!

- Lets hope Kufos is rested. He'll wanna exact some revenge from the Griz im sure...

- I'm anxious to see how Rondo, Gay and WCS and a younger team with fresher legs can handle a Grizzlies team after they've had to battle the Warriors. Might just be the most fortuitous back-to-back of the season for us in that regard.

- You know what you're getting when playing Memphis...a heavy dose of Z-Bo and Marc in the post. Rondo needs to control Mike Conley...this is a winnable game even without DeMarcus.

- GS showed the blue-print for beating Memphis last year. We need to push the pace and not let them set their defense. If we play their game, we're going to lose, especially without Cuz.

In-game views

- Of course lee and Conley are hot tonight

- WCS's baptism by Gasol

- Gasoline may have scored over WCS but he had trouble and oh poopoo we are going small now. Well gasol or zebo will score a lot now

- Trying to be golden state with small ball will be the reason we lose this game

- Well now gasol to locker room is a welcome surprise. Evens things up

- Jymykal green can't get offensive put backs

- Once again jymykal green can't get those offensive rebounds he is a marginal NBA player

- I thought kosta was a good post defender? This is not the Brendan Wright of old

- We're so lucky Memphis can't shoot.

- Randolph in paint for 13 seconds

- You know you are playing Memphis when you score less than 10 pts in a quarter and you are only down 4

- You cannot look this bad against a team that got beat by 50 last night and you have had two days off. No ****in excuse.

- Kosta forgot how to kosta

- Holy shot Rudy what was that? Can we put Acy in just to punch zebo in a major artery?

- Randolph is a very bad defender

- We're making Randolph look like Cousins.

- No excuse to lose to this Memphis team especially with Gasol leaving the game. Absolutely pee poor defense. For god sake this team scored 69pts last night and here they are with 83 after 3 quarters. SMH

- Memphis hasn't played well tonight. This is almost completely our fault.

Post-game views

- I'm starting to think that this notion of Kosta being a good defender is false advertisement...I really don't see it on a consistent basis

- As usual, teams that are trying to recover from a loss (like the Grizzlies had last night), get their way with the Kings. Fkn terrible. Very frustrating. - I feel ashamed to say that I sort of expect this now.

- You guys gotta understand Memphis front court was getting checked by 6'6 draymond and soft mo speights. We shouldn't be having this problem

- Good thing I started drinking at halftime.

- Serious question for those that have watched him in the past. What is Kosta good at?

- Kings should of been ready, Memphis had like the worst defeat ever last game. You knew they were coming to play.

- I miss Beno