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Memphis Grizzlies Top 5 Stories of the Week

The top links from this week.

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What a week. It took no time for the month of November to get interesting for the Memphis Grizzlies. Let's go through some of the essentials posts that will catch you up on the action.

1. Warriors turns Grizzlies into joke

The Memphis Grizzlies lost a game to the Golden State Warriors on Monday. It was the worst loss in franchise history. (And that's frustrating considering they've got one of their all-time best rosters.... or do they?) Raleigh McCool gave us 50 reasons the Grizzlies lost by those 50 points, and spoiler: a lot of it had to do with the Warriors. In fact, new satirist GBBCommenter even suggested that the Warriors are filthy cheaters.

2. Chomping at the Chalmers

The Grizzlies lost by 50 points and then tried to cheer fans up by sliding Mario Chalmers trade rumors onto the table. Yay! Joe Mullinax talked about it in his Friday Three, saying he'd pull the trigger on Vince Carter/2nd round pick for Chalmers. I'm not a fan of it even at a low cost. In fact, my first thought is a John Wooden quote, "Don't confuse activity with success." I think the Grizzlies should save the very few trade assets they have for something better.

3. Still a Pulse in Sactown

That same Tuesday night, the Grizzlies won handily in Sacramento with Boogie Cousins out. It was nice to see them rebound from such a disappointing loss in Oakland, and our own Matthew Preston graded their performance against the Kings in terms of hangover remedies. They must have used a couple!

4. Blazers exact revenge

A couple of days later the Grizzlies once again fell apart, this time in Portland against the Trail Blazers, a team they destroyed in the 2015 playoffs. A big part of their problem was totally ignoring 3-pt shooters like Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum to guard point-blank threat Mason Plumlee. Some were so down that American Pie was parodied.

5. #Overreactions

Matt Moore at CBS Sports says we shouldn't overreact to the Grizzlies' performances through 6 games which is totally ridiculous because Moore and everyone else get a lot more clicks when people overreact. I personally give anyone who overreacts a pass this week considering they watched a healthy veteran team lose by FIFTY POINTS. I do like Matt's contention that the doom and gloom pits the Grizzlies against the world once again, a sentiment they thrive on.

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