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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Utah

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Jazz fans.

Pre-game views

-I'll be mighty surprised if any team reaches 100 points in this game. This one might get ugly.

-Conley is my pipe dream of a PG. He's exactly what we need at the point guard position.

-Grizzlies and Jazz season are parallel... they have lost vs Cavs and Warriors, then vs Blazers as the only one unexpected. And they have won vs Pacers, awful Nets and Kings without Cousins.. The difference is they won 55 last year and we were out of playoff, so I guess we are improving and they have not began pretty well this season.

-Jazz can absolutely win this game. I truly believe that. They just have to show the fire that they are flashing.

-Should be an interesting game as both teams have struggled against their better competition. I expect a pretty ugly, low scoring game.

-Jazz should win. We match up very well with Memphis.

-Gasol vs. Gobert is always fun to watch. They have the France vs. Spain thing going on...

In-game views

-Quinn looks intense in that huddle. Get em goin coach!!!

-Ugh. Good defense, yet Grizz still get a 3.

-Rudy says GET OUT!!

-Neto getting owned.

-Another slow start. Grrr...

-Tough defense by Memphis really giving hood a hard time.

-tony allen mad af

-Trey again!!! Jazz worked their way back and won the quarter.

Get this lead up a few more points and the Grizz won't have enough pace and offense to catch up.

-The Grizzlies are like the Jazz in that they struggle going up against long defenders. They don't like to shoot the long ball. Zach Randolph is having a hard time getting space and only has 6 pts.

-Nice to see that Conley cooled off.

-This is going to get ugly fast. . . Memphis is on the last game of a four game road trip.

-Grizzlies ready to head for the airport.

-Jazz trying to give this game away???

-Memphis is making this ugly. Flopping and scrapping.

-Can't believe we're about to choke this away...

-Marc Gasol gets away with so many shoves while positioning himself, but if he's even slightly touched by a Jazz player, he gets to go to the free throw line. Such ********.

-Great win

Post-game views

-I don't think the Grizzlies make the playoffs this season. They look awful.

-Can't stand Matt barnes... I loved hearing the Derek Fisher chants lol

-That was a fun game. Unlikeliest of scenarios, Trey Burke plays like an All-Star to get a 20 point lead, then Matt Barnes goes All-World for 5 minutes to get the Griz back in the game. Those two things will never happen again in the same game.

-If Trey wants to be Jamaal Crawford I'm all for it.

-Seems like Memphis just failed to make anything difficult though. They have serious problems at the wing in my completely uneducated opinion.

-This was the most enjoyable game so far this year. Gasol and Rudy were a blast to watch. It's a shame this type of basketball is almost gone.

-I still think Memphis screwed themselves by not developing Jordan Adams.

-Glad I bet us to cover. Memphis looks like their age has finally caught up to them.

-If Memphis has really dropped from grace that will make getting a playoff spot much easier.

-Gobert-Gasol is the most entertaining matchup in the entire NBA. All these games should be nationally televised.

-Jazz interior defense shut down the Grizzlies inside and won the rebound battle. That's a decent accomplishment against Memphis. Look at Zach Randolph's stats.

-Conley is a free agent after this season and Memphis looks like they'll be on the outside looking in at the playoffs. Conley has refused to sign an extension and might prefer to test free agency after the season. Jazz have a bunch of assets burning holes in their pockets. I could see Conley getting moved like Dragic did last year. Think he'd be a great fit if the opportunity presents itself.

-Imagine Mike Conley on this team tho .. .geezz