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Grizzlies vs. Clippers: Preview, Start Time and TV Info

Ye olde foe.

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Who: Memphis Grizzlies vs. LA Clippers

Where: Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA

When: Tomorrow, j/k it's at 9:30PM CT tonight

How to Listen: 92.9 FM ESPN Memphis

How to Watch: FoxSports Southeast

Grizzlies vs Clippers coverage

More on the Clippers: Clips Nation

Recently for the Clippers (4-2)

The Clips had the fortune of opening the season to a soft first four games that allowed them to go undefeated before losing two close games against the Warriors and Rockets. Chris Paul sat out against Houston with a strained groin and is doubtful to play tonight against Memphis. Blake Griffin continues to play at an All-Pro level while DeAndre Jordan shoots 33% from the free throw line. Josh Smith and Paul Pierce have been about what you'd expect from them off the bench. And Doc Rivers still loves his son.

Recently for the Grizzlies (3-4)

There is nothing good to say right now, and all you have to do is pull up any box score to see all the bad. Mike Conley and Marc Gasol don't look like themselves, and that is subsequently making everyone else look that much worse. The best thing about the Grizzlies right now would be the 16.4 PER from Beno Udrih. He's the only player for the Grizzlies who is playing not way worse better than I thought he would.

Keys to the Game

Exert. Move your bodies like you're professional athletes who get paid a lot of money. That's square one right now. Nothing else you do will matter unless this is addressed all game.

Communicate. Talk to each other on the court. Point to one another. Direct guys to where they should go. Make eye contact. Engage each other like teammates. Chest bump, dap, high five, butt slap. Find the fun again.

Emote. Get angry if you fall behind. Bow up when play gets physical. I know you don't see us, but your fans are still watching you on television. We fell in love with the passion of your play, not necessarily the beauty thereof. The culture of the Memphis Grizzlies thrives on emotion.

Closing Thoughts

  • If Mike Conley can't get it going against Austin Rivers then we're in trouble.
  • Marc Gasol should sit out if he's still having neck spasms. Playing basketball is probably just going to irritate the problem there.
  • If Dave Joerger has to play "motivator" then we're in trouble.
  • The circumstances are different, but we've been here before. In 2013 the Grizzlies opened up the season with a 3-5 record with an average margin of loss of 13.2 points. They could actually top that start with a win tonight that would put them at 4-4.

Injury Updates

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