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The Grizzlies are already hobbled and nicked after two weeks into the season

We've only played seven games and the Grizzlies have almost as many injuries.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

There was a lot of talk over this past offseason about the Memphis Grizzlies making concerted efforts to do a better job of keeping their players healthy over the course of the NBA season. They even held their training camp in Santa Barbara, CA so they would have easy access to P3 Applied Sports Sciences. An advanced facility where the Grizzlies could assess their players and plot out a maintenance plan of sorts.

Well, just two weeks into the 2015-16 season and it looks like those methods will truly be put to the test as several of the Grizzlies have gotten nicked up through seven games. Let's go through the laundry list.

-Jordan Adams: Before the season even began we saw Adams in rehab working on a knee injury from a summer training session. Fans clamor to see minutes for the young scorer, but they tend to forget he's likely still not 100%.

-Beno Udrih: The Grizzlies' backup point guard had offseason surgery on an ankle injury sustained in the 2015 playoffs, and he then sprained the same ankle halfway through the preseason. Beno has looked serviceable so far, but he still hasn't returned to the form with which he finished last season. He might not ever.

-Vince Carter: ::sobbing:: Back during the summer we were teased with this now likely photoshopped tease of a photo where VC is showing off a vertical jump on par with Andrew Wiggins. Vince hasn't been on the injury report and has even told everyone he's feeling healthy, but with only 16 minutes logged in garbage time against the Warriors you start to wonder if the old engine just isn't cranking. Maybe Vince is beyond the magic of P3 sciences.

-Marc Gasol: Biggerthanlastseason Spain came into training camp looking not as svelte as he did 5 months prior in the NBA Playoffs. This hasn't boded well for Marc as that extra weight has likely put a strain on other parts of his body, including but not limited to his neck. After taking a fall against Sacramento last week he sat out the 2nd half with neck spasms, an issue that has since lingered and affected his probability of playing. My suspicion is that it wasn't just the fall that started the spasms. Spasms are usually a sign that a muscle that has already been strained for some time. This is what happens you get gain weight after age 30. [Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, but I have dealt with spasms.]

-Zach Randolph: One of the recent additions to the list, Z-Bo has a strained calf muscle that has him questionable going into tonight's game against the Clippers. We know that Zach doesn't put a large amount of stress on that calf from that vertical jump, but little things like this are going to start popping up a lot more often at his age. The good news here is that Z-Bo is tough enough to play through discomfort. The bad news is that any physical hindrance further limits his already limited athleticism.

-Brandan Wright: We could all agree that if Marc Gasol misses significant time that the Grizzlies would be in a heap of trouble. Wright might be almost that important right now as Gasol struggles out of the gate and as Wright himself needs present playing time to develop chemistry with his new squad. The Grizzlies have a weapon they have been sorely needing when BW is out on the court; he allows them to score points quickly and efficiently off the bench. But now Brandan is dealing with a banged up right knee.

Ouch. And I'm only assuming Mike Conley is healthy right now since I haven't seen anything reported. But with his lackluster play you aren't out of your mind to question his health as well.

Is there a doctor in the house?