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Big Catalonia?

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The Catalan parliament is threatening one of our favorite nicknames!

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Marc Gasol is one of the most beloved Spaniards in the state of Tennessee ... the whole nation even. Over in the states he's known as Big Spain, but recent happenings abroad might be threatening the accuracy of that nickname.

Marc specifically hails from the region of Catalonia you see below. The autonomous community of Catalonia is trying to secede from the country of Spain. That feels pretty seismic when you consider that Barcelona, part of the Catalan region, is the second largest city in the country.


The regional parliament of northeastern Catalonia has approved a plan to set up road map for independence from Spain by 2017, in defiance of the central government.

All 72 separatist lawmakers -- the majority in the northeastern region's parliament -- voted for a resolution aimed at creating an independent republic by 2017.

This is far from a done deal as the Spanish constitution doesn't allow for a simple secession, naturally. Nevertheless, we might have to consider calling Marc Gasol "Big Catalonia" at some point in the future.