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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Detroit

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Pistons fans

Pre-game views

- As with any other game I wouldn't be shocked if we lost... but I'm fairly optimistic that this is indeed a winnable game for us on our home court. As has been mentioned numerous times it really just comes down to which 2 teams decide to show up.

- going to be a interesting one. Love me some Zbo. plays bball like a man

- I'd guess they come to play after the last pathetic performance but you never know. Dre can't get into foul trouble with z bo and gasol in the paint.

In-game views

- Gasol getting the best of Andre early... got the first 6 points of the game for the Grizz.

- can Zbo jump?

- Like a Moose

- Baynes the Gasol killa. Gasol the Bayne killa

- I just scared the **** out of my wife when I yelled " Oh my God Monroe just got murdered"

- Marc Gasol is so much fun to watch.

- Are you serious with this ****...NBA ref continue to **** games up

- refs going to win this game for MEM

- Griz choking at the line. Take advantage!!

- wow unfingbelieveable

- I can't believe this **** what a terrible way to lose

Post-game views

- Conley's such a good pg. not flashy or going to put up ridiculous stats just good solid player

- Detroit Ponies showed up tonight

- Call the maid so she can clean the s**t off the sheets.

- I might be done with watching basketball for a little while after that

- Michigan sports has had it rough lately this is some bull

- Lucky shot, all it was.

- Wow. You'll take a Matt Barnes halfcourt heave all day in that situation. Just wasn't meant to be tonight.

- Notice how much Tony Allen touched it in the 4th for them. About 0 times. That is how you run efficient offense late in games. Get the ball to your efficient scorers and don't let your inefficient ones touch it. We still haven't learned that.

- I think what's funny about this loss (besides the laughable KCP Crucifixion, RIP ya'll need to study) is the fact that the Grizzlies had 3 timeouts and they didn't even need to throw it up. Matt Barnes is the ultimate team-killer in both ways, he just happened to get a one in a million shot tonight. Incredible

- what a joke, an absolutely terrible decision by barnes gets rewarded by going in, unbelievable......

- Traveling today and missed the game, but appears game just went final as I was entering my hotel room....saw the highlights. .uh. . Who let Aaron Rodgers in the arena to take the last shot?

- Heartbreaking loss. Tough to stay motivated as a fan after these kinds of games

- I love Matt Barnes. I hate this loss but I am ok with Barnes making the game winner.