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Grizzlies vs Hornets Report Card

Well...let's get right to it.

Grizzlies Report Card

Hornets 123- Grizzlies 99

Coach Dave Joerger

Grade: F

I don't really want to give Joerger a mediocre grade as I feel he didn't do all that bad. I mean after a while we have to start blaming the players for their lackluster performance. Joerger did OK to me; he even gave Russ Smith a couple of minutes in that first half, so that was good. But manoman that third quarter keeps hitting us in the mouth! The Grizzlies go into that third quarter with no defensive intensity, no offensive urgency, and then a hole opens up in the game. The Hornets had 17 points run up well before we were even half way through the third quarter. That kind of effort is ridiculous, and after a while we have to start looking at Joerger and holding him accountable. And I am done with these double digit losses. Are we a western conference contender or not? I mean what is this? It's a poor reflection on Joerger as a coach to have a team come out of halftime with absolutely no effort while also giving up a thirty point quarter and being down by 20 by the end of the third quarter. And when we are down by that much late in a game, why not give Russ Smith some more time? I mean what do you have to lose? Also, JaMychal could have had more minutes as well, even with the limited production he was offering.

Mike Conley: 16 PTS/ 4-7 FGS/ 3 REBS/ 4 ASTS/-17

Grade: C

Conley had another one of these games that I get soo mad looking at. You are an all-star level point guard in a contract year. There is no way I should be seeing this type of performance night after night. It's crazy. He scored some, so there's that. But there seems to be something...missing. I don't know what it is. But that little extra effort, that one more gear, It just feels missing. And for one of the leaders of this team, you can't have that. You just can't. Conley is one of those people I expect to step up when the rest of the Grizzlies go through their 3rd quarter slog. And he didn't. He just didn't. And he also didn't stop Kemba Walker, who went absolutely bananas on him and the Grizzlies all game. I don't know about Conley right now. I just don't.

Tony Allen: 10 PTS/ 5-11 FGS/ 3 REBS/-14

Grade: C (for Tony) D (If it were anyone else in the starting lineup with those numbers when playing almost 30 mins)

Why is Tony Allen still starting games? I mean seriously. I know how important he is to the Grit and Grind era, him being the "Grindfather" and everything. But at this point in his career, I just feel like Allen has lost a step defensively. And because he is a complete offensive liability, that spells trouble for the Grizzlies. I mean I think it's time for Allen to transition to a bench role and just have Barnes start, who has much of the same defensive intensity with a little more offensive versatility. I mean, 10 points and 3 rebounds? That's decent bench production, but no longer starter material, at least if the Grizzlies really want to start winning some games.

Marc Gasol: 17 PTS/5-11 FGS/ 9 REBS/ 5 ASTS/-18

Grade: B

Marc Gasol had a solid game with 17 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists. I feel that is a good stat line for the big Spaniard. I have to dock him a little for his role in that third quarter where the Hornets really ran away with the game, but all in all it was a well rounded game for Gasol. However, if I could ask for one more thing out of him, I would just want him to be more assertive offensively, let him get ball movement started, inside out play, more offensive diversity. I just feel Gasol could get some cross screen action with Conley or something to just stay involved throughout, but especially when the Griz start falling behind in games.

Zach Randolph: 13 PTS/ 5-9 FGS/ 7 REBS/-12

Grade: B

Randolph played ok tonight. 13 points and 7 rebounds is a solid showing. And I really don't have anything more to say about that. 5-9 from the field and an assist thrown in? That's a solid B from me.

Courtney Lee: 12 PTS/ 4-9 FGS/ 2 REBS/1 AST/-15

Grade: C

Courtney Lee didn't really do anything too noteworthy out there, and that's neither good nor bad. He knocked in 2 threes, so that was good to see in my continued hope to see him turn into a three point gunner. But other that that...yeah. Double digit points tonight, so yeah! I mean yeah we lost by 25+ points, but yeah!

Matt Barnes: 11 PTS/ 4-14 FGS/ 7 REBS/ 1 AST/-18

Grade: C

Rough night for Barnes tonight. At one point he was 1-10, and a lot of his shots were off balanced or ill-timed. He continued his work on the boards with 7, he did knock down 3 late threes, and I still feel he should start over T.A. But I wouldn't use his play tonight to make my case.

Mario Chalmers: 6 PTS/ 0-3 FGS/ 3 REBS/ 2 ASTS/ -4

Grade: D

Sorry Rio, you made 6-8 from the line, but you missed all your shots from the field (granted, you only took three, but still) and you had a ratio of 5 fouls to two assists, which I don't have to mention is horrible for a point guard. But I will. Just to cover my bases and give my due diligence.

JaMychal Green: 6 PTS/ 2-5 FGS/ 3 REBS/-5

Grade: D

6 points and 3 rebounds in 17 minutes for a big? I'm sorry J.Green, I need more than that. Other than that...yeah. At least you've been getting some good minutes lately. Let's start making the most of it.

Russ Smith: 2 PTS/ 1-2 FGS/ 3 ASTS/-6

Grade: B

Good news. I actually saw a Russ Smith sighting in the first half!! Another good point is that in limited minutes he had 3 assists, which is good for him. Other than that, I got nothing. I really do want to see more from Russ in these blowouts though. 8 minutes is not enough time for a young player trying to find his spot in the rotation, especially when the game was essentially over by the end of the third quarter.

Jeff Green:

Grade: F

6 points and 3 rebounds in 25+ minutes? Oh you know what kind of grade that is Jeff. See you in Miami. And next time, let's bring a better effort ok?

DNP Coach's Decision: Vince Carter Brandan Wright