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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Miami

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Heat fans.

Pre-game views

- it would be really funny and sad if chalmers has a career night agaisnt the heat

- We have a chance to actually win this. While Grizz might be better than most of the teams that beat us this least couple of weeks, they play slow and that's the pace we like too. They also aren't a good shooting team so they shouldn't have any advantage there. And lastly, they preffer to do damage inside and we just so happen to have one of the best defensive bigs in the league. Let's just hope he doesn't get benched

- Sorry fellas, but i hope we lose. And lose bad. Only way things are gonna change around here.

- I am surprised there is no pool on how many times Mario will dribble the ball off his foot. I will go with 2 times

- Can we trade Dragic for Chalmers? Not even joking

In-game views

- Man those guys look lost out there

- *sheds thug tears*

- If we fall behind by 10 it's over

- Udrih in the out now.

- Udrih out to prove he's worth the trade. Hmmm

- go grizzlies! sorry, not happy with spo lately.

- Jeff Green is killing us.....again

- Chalmers bringing back TO memories.

- Heat actually won the 3rd quarter...that should mean somethin'...right?

- Thankfully the Grizzlies offense also sucks so we have a shot

- Z-Bo just scored over Deng. King Spo with the small ball for life

- Wow, Wade gives us the lead.

- Bad win smh

Post-game views

- As much as I appreciate Beno Udrih for showing up when Dragic was otherwise occupied, does anyone still think the Chalmers+Ennis for Beno + Stokes was a good trade? I do not.

- Shout out to Winslow who did hit some 3's and his FT's at the end there.... maybe this gives him confidence...but MY GOD was the Grizz playing off of him so far away... they wouldn't even look at him. It was awful.

- Can't peg why Joerger took out a 6-9 shooting Z-Bo with Deng guarding him a little under 4 minutes left, but OK

- I'll take the win, but seriously both teams showed a lot of flaws this game

- Joerger gave us this game. Feels good to finally be on the right side of some bad coaching.

- Suck it, Jeff Green. You tried to kill us yet again. Suck. On. It.

- great win to stop the losing streak. it's Memphis' fault they started to relax late in the 3rd.

- This is probably one of the few times that I'm not even happy we won.