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Mike Conley was inches away from possibly redeeming his dreadful night against Miami

It was bad. It got worse. Then for a split second you thought maybe...

Mike Conley will be the goat for the Grizzlies' loss to the Miami Heat last night. His final stat line isn't utterly horrid (9 pts, 4 assists, 4 steals, 2 turnovers), but his specific moments down in clutch time were hard to comprehend.

2:05 minutes left, Grizzlies up 6 points

First, we had this awful midrange shot when Matt Barnes and Courtney Lee are set up really well to get Lee a wide open look on the wing. Instead Mike shoots a jumper (with his left hand) in an area where he's usually taking floaters with his right hand.

I don't think it even hit the rim. I suppose he didn't feel good about his odds of going to the rim and drawing the foul on Bosh? But if he's set on keeping the ball I think that would still have been the better decision based on how badly he missed the jumper. That's really not like the Mike Conley we've seen in years past.

21.9 seconds left, Grizzlies down 1 point

The next play, the most crucial of the game, was even more confounding because it was a predetermined PNR with his pal Marc Gasol. He comes off the double pick from Z-Bo to Marc, draws both defenders off of Marc and leaves him space for the roll, and then Mike makes the most shrinking-violet pass I've seen from him since 2009.

Someone get me a bucket for these tears. This didn't even happen because the Heat made a play. It was 100% Mike Conley falling down a cliff like in Hot Rod ... this version just happened in a split second. Conley only had 2 turnovers the entire game, but this one feels like it counts for about 5 or 6.

0.7 seconds left, Grizzlies down 3 points

And as sour as those two notes were for Mike Conley, he still nearly pulled off an incredible 3/4 court desperation shot over Bosh and Wade. We were inches away from a lot of forgiveness.

But alas... we were not deserving of magic in this one.