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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Washington

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Wizards fans.

Pre-game views

- we losing at the grind house... someone like Chalmers will go off for like 6 threes


- Might be the first game in a while I'd have us favored. Grizz are having a down year. Its falling apart over there

- The Griz are in 6th place in the West and Hollinger/Joerger are on thin ice!?! We should be so-lucky.

In-game views

- This is gonna be a hard game to watch

- Forgot about Jeff Green, Wizards killer. Also expecting Lee to hit at least 5 threes.

- Even the dance team is not aesthetically pleasing

- This pace is ENTIRELY the Grizz pace.

- Well, the Wizards were pretty damn awful in the first quarter and are down 4, we got this.

- I may need to lay off the beer and go straight for the hard liquor in order to make it thru this game

- Just a matter of time before this turns into a blow out. Lazy defense, careless turnovers, too much dribbling and no offense from anyone except one guy who will eventually wear down and start missing. Seen this movie before.

- I picked the wrong day to stop doing bath salts.....This game sucks to watch....

- Down 12 now. Memphis should be ashamed of themselves.

Post-game views

- No shame in losing this one. We're depleted and Memphis (even when we're at 100% health) is miles ahead of us.

- The biggest travesty is that Joeger/Hollinger are on the chopping block but our amazingly incompetent duo are virtually safe and immune from departure. C'mon Ted, gimme hope

- The way we played tonight is an affront to Naismith.

- This is not your daddys MEM team. They started Barnes, not Zack. With Conley, Lee, Green and Barnes we couldn’t out run them. They out ran us.

- We played way to fast. Which caused turnovers. And no flow to the offense. Failed strategy. Game was over before it started.

- memphis has been bad, their offense terrible, but they lit us up....

- Watching Jeff Green last night bully KO and blow by Otto was demoralizing. I mean the entire Grizzlies team are gate keepers of the league this season. And we didn’t pass smh.