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Report: Brandan Wright expected to have knee surgery and miss 6-8 weeks

Wright has played so few minutes for Memphis that I can't find a decent photo of him that isn't from media day.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Brandan Wright has not played since the Memphis Grizzlies played on the road in Utah on November 7th. If Chris Vernon's source is correct (it always is) then we won't be seeing him for another couple of months.

Well crap. Six weeks would put Wright's return near the end of January. Eight weeks puts the return right around the All-Star break, and it seems like teams almost always hold them out through that respite if anything is questionable regarding the injury and rehab.

Fastbreak Breakfast also raises a good point.

The Grizzlies have only gotten 120 minutes out of Brandan Wright so far. We know the story with Vince Carter. Can I speak with the manager?