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Brandan Wright sees a snake in the grass

Earlier today a report came out that Brandan Wright would be having arthroscopic surgery on his knee tomorrow after the team determined he wasn't healing up.

This prompted commentary on the delay in getting Wright under the knife earlier. Not much of that discussion bred positivity.

There's a good chance that this tweet from Grizzlies' beat reporter Ron Tillery...

...inspired the following tweet from Grizzlies big man Brandan Wright:

Most of Wright's tweets are bible verses and retweets. He's clearly saying something in emoji here. Maybe he's peaking out from the bushes? Maybe he's implying someone else is peaking out from the bushes? Maybe it was a really weird butt-tweet.

I think this might be a better interpretation:

But Tillery got his info from somewhere so it's likely there's a source that Wright isn't happy with right now.

However, this wouldn't be the first time that Tillery drew the ire of a Grizzlies power forward.