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GBBLive Podcast Recap: Calling Out the Grizzlies with Tim Cato and Cal Lee

Host Joe Mullinax got a little fired up on this week's episode of GBBLive, and his guests followed suit! Find how to listen to the Podcast below!

When a team with the talent of the Memphis Grizzlies struggles the way that they are, and when Christmas is only a week away, a good rant and rave is sure to occur. That is exactly what happened on this week's GBBLive Podcast on BlogTalkRadio! Check out the show in the player below or listen using this link.

The first segment was Host Joe Mullinax running down the issues and frustrations with the Memphis Grizzlies in the "Grizzly Bear News" segment. Joe pulled no punches when it came to who needs to step up in order for Memphis to get themselves going.

In the second segment, Tim Cato of Mavs Moneyball joined the program and helped Joe break down how Dallas has gotten themselves into the playoff picture out West. The guys also preview the big Dallas vs. Memphis game taking place tonight in Texas.

Finally, Cal Lee of the NBA Baseline Podcast made his GBBLive debut and was energetic in arguing his concerns about the Memphis Grizzlies. He also discussed with Joe what should be done with Tony Allen and Zach Randolph as role players potentially moving forward.

All this an a lot more on the latest episode of GBBLive! Subscribe to the Podcast on ITunes, and make sure you follow the show on Twitter @GBBLive! The show takes a holiday break next and returns to the BlogTalkRadio airwaves Wednesday night, December 30th! We wish you and yours the happiest and safest of holiday seasons!

Until then, Grind Forth, Grizz Nation! This is Grizzly Bear Blues Live!