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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Indiana

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Pacers fans.

Pre-game views

- The Grizzlies are probably the best remaining example of the slow pace, big ball, defense first type of style that brought Indiana so much success during the first years of PG's career. But now even they too are running with Matt Barnes and Green as their starters and bringing Zach Randolph off the bench. Could be interesting to see how much each team goes big or small.

- We will win today

- Gotta get revenge. Last time we were in Memphis, they officially eliminated us from Playoff contention.. Interesting matchup considering Memphis is abandoning their usual style of play.

In-game views

- I don’t like Chalmers but I feel he’s less annoying now than when he was with Miami

- This Pacer shooting display is gross

- I still think Matt Barnes is crazy

- But he isn't Ron Artest crazy so it’s ok.

- That’s what Derek Fisher said.

- Apparently Conley isn't having a great season but you wouldn't know it tonight he’s been aggressive

- Can somebody just accidentally punch Chalmers?

Post-game views

- Memphis is 6-1 on b2b, which is great, but what about the first night, you know? It’s not like it means much if you lose the first night. Just saying.

- This was a bad team for the Pacers to meet on the second night of a back-to-back. The Grizzlies thrive on defense first, and a team with tired legs, like the Pacers, is heading into a buzz saw when facing that.

- Grizzlies just have our number.

- Godamn hate the jazz and grizzlies they look garbage vs other teams but wanna be goddamn gods when they play us thank you we don't have to play them anymore this season and most likely the playoffs since they won't make it anywhere