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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Charlotte

Pre, during, and post-game views from Hornets fans.

Pre-game views

- We've lost 5 out of the last 6, and haven't looked good at all over he last few games. BUT on a positive note, we have the Grizzlies tonight and the last time the Hornets played them, they beat them like they stole something.

- I predict a win.  Usually (we) have the Grizzlies number plus Al coming back will further the false narrative that he helps this team.

In-game views

- Certainly getting physical. Not good to do that against this team.

- Starting to wonder if BIG AL even touched a basketball the entire time he was gone. I expected some rust but he looks downright bad out there.

- I can stomach the missed shots but the 3 layups in the first 5 possessions after Al entered the game isn't good.

- Lin really is our foul salesman. He also needs to stop handling the ball.

- Seems like we get to a 10 point lead then we just run out of ways to score /stop them from scoring.

- Kemba has had a quietly good shooting night, can he come up big down the stretch? (Unfortunately he did).

- Batum is so good.

Post-game views

- Short and simple: Hell yeah!!!  Wins feel so nice.

- Defensively Cody and Frank are good together. The mechanical criteria of "but post defense" is a bunch of 1997.

- No sad Jordan face tonight. Hornets win!!!

- The Grizzlies are really bad. The entire West outside of Golden State, San Antonio and Oklahoma City is bad.