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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Phoenix

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Suns fans.

Pre-game views

- I am prepared to be lulled to sleep by the Grizzlies

- Well, I expect to lose this game so I am not gonna be depressed after a bad fourth quarter AGAIN.

- Well, I am watching again after the last game fiasco. A test for my dedication, I guess. I don't expect a win but please, play with fire and some IQ.

In-game views

- This is the worst shooting display I've ever seen....

- I hate Matt Barnes.

- I hated him when he played for the suns. Nothing changed. Matt Barnes is a dirty ****

- They're forcing us to take 3s and we're taking them.

- This game is going down to the wire. I'm ready for any collapse.

- Seriously.... How many lucky bounce 'and 1's' are they going to get??!?!?!?!

- ahhhh....we're in this in the last minute.

- Ok. Will we lose on a last second shot?

- We haven't had a buzzer beater this year. Good opportunity for Memphis.

- Who's ready for a heart breaking game winner?

- Please don't let Conley shoot.

- thank god for the video replay.


- What the **** are we doing as a team?! Jeez!

- Just give Memphis the points and let us get on with our lives without having to watch them score here....

- Memphis' play. Run around pick alley oop dunk, game set match!

Post-game views

- Our new team motto should be WeAreCollapsing instead of WeArePhoenix

- Its kinda fun seeing the new ways we'll blow it.

- Summary of the game:

Memphis coach knows how to draw up a GREAT play with a look at the hoop.

Suns coach draws a play for Bledsoe for a bad shot.

We lose.

- Funny feeling when you literally know that the opposing team is going to score a buzzer beater, and you're not even angry because you were prepared.

- Len should have been in the paint no matter where Gasol was on that play. Should have played zone.

- Damn I just realized that it's already been 5 years since J-Rich buzzer beater against Grizzlies, basically the same way as tonight.

- Three things guaranteed in life:

1. Death

2. Taxes

3. The Suns losing to the Grizzlies, Heat, and Bulls