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James Ennis had an incredible (and brief) run with the Iowa Energy

On December 4th the Memphis Grizzlies assigned newly acquired small forward James Ennis to the Iowa Energy. On December 6th the Grizzlies recalled Ennis from the D-League after he blew up the lone game he played.

A few things stand out to me. First, his offense looks really versatile. Secondly, he's one of the only true small forwards the Grizzlies have on their roster. And I say this with the knowledge that positions don't matter, but that skill sets do.

Tony Allen? Nah, he's shooting guard. Jeff Green? Nah, he's power forward. Matt Barnes? He's more of the SF mold, but it's nice to have someone who was born in the 90's at this point.

Lastly, Ennis' game, or style maybe, somewhat resembles that of Kevin Durant when you squint and tilt your head. Well okay, you don't really have to squint when you watch the D-League highlight reel because those guys are capable of letting someone look like Kevin Durant on any given night. But you see some of those skills, particularly the ability to create (and responsibly take) his own shot within the small sample. (LET ME DREAM!!)

And hey, he took 6 minutes of garbage time against the Spurs and created 3 points, 2 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 assist, and 1 block. That seems promising when you combine it with the D-League spanking.

He's young in terms of playing experience, but at 25 years old I could also see him getting a shot at earning Joerger's trust the way JaMychal Green, an older rookie, did last year. I also wouldn't be against an Ennis return to the D-League to form a super trio with Jarell Martin and Jordan Adams when they start to work back into playing shape.

What do you all think? Do you see a fit with Ennis and the Grizzlies?