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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

The grades are in for the Griz after their showing against the Thunder, and oh boy, do they need to do some more studying.

Grizzlies Report Card

Thunder 125 - Grizzlies 88

Hey y'all, Corban here. First of all let me start by saying this game was ridiculous. As a Grizzlies fan I don't know what to make of it, I just don't. We need to start beating the teams that are in the upper echelon of the western conference or we can just go and kiss the Grit and Grind era goodbye for good. After the second quarter this contest was game set match in VERY short order. I don't know what to say from the performances that I've witnessed tonight and as a result I may make these report cards VERY short (if at all) I am just thoroughly disgusted and annoyed y'all. I just am. UGHHHHHHH...

Coach Dave Jeorger

Grade: F++

Coach Joerger just sucked tonight, I mean the first quarter was ok, and then the 2nd quarter came and.... yeah. I did like how Joerger called timeouts anytime the Thunder got any more than a 6 point lead, and I feel that helped keep the Thunder from going on a huge run and kept the Grizzlies in it... UNTIL THE END OF THE SECOND QUARTER AND THE REST OF THE GAME. I do wish Joerger would have changed some of his strategy defensively, as it seemed that the Thunder just played the drive and kick game over and over to perfection. And then the Grizzlies would miss, and then the Thunder would go on a run, over and over again. I mean at one point during the 2nd quarter, the Thunder built up a 12 point lead on 9-12 shooting. and this was mostly on close range shots. That kind of defensive effort is ridiculous, and I wished Joerger would have done more to change that. Oh, and Vince Carter and Zach Randolph playing deep into the fourth!! oh noooo, GET RUSS SMITH IN THERE EARLY!!! we might as well develop that young talent while we losing by 30+ by the middle of the third!!! He sucked tonight, plain and simple.

Mike Conley: 0 PTS/ 6 ASTS/0-7 FGS/ -21

Grade: F-

Ughhhh, Conley, I really don't know how to describe this performance other than sub-par. He had a below passing level performance in the first half, where his 6 assists did little to offset the fact that he was 0-7 from the field, was a -13 by halftime, and that he didn't really do much of a job either stopping Russell Westbrook from getting to the lane or putting pressure on him on the offensive end to at least wear him out. Westbrook OWNED him. It was just sad.

Zach Randolph: 9 PTS/ 10 REBS/3-10 FGS/ -18

Grade: F

Just like Conley, Randolph was HORRIBLE. 9 points and 10 rebounds may look halfway decent on paper, but if you saw the game, then you know better. it was just bad for Randolph tonight. I mean STEVEN ADAMS OUTPLAYED YOU ALL NIGHT LONG! I don't know I'm still so disgusted by this whole game I'm just gonna move on.

Jeff Green: 9 PTS/3 REBS/4-10 FGS/ -9

Grade: F

Running theme: the Grizzlies play today (specifically that second quarter) was not their finest hour.  In the first half Green went 2-5 from the field with 3 rebounds and one assist in 17 mins. I was watching this, and as I did, I thought to myself "oh, THAT Jeff Green showed up to play tonight." If you're Jeff Green you don't want people thinking that. The second half was slightly better with just two made field goals, but in the words of Elmer Fudd: "Tha- Tha- That's all folks!"

Marc Gasol: 11 PTS/4 REBS/1 AST/ -24

Grade: F

Aside from the stats, see the report card for Zach Randolph. It's the same for Gasol. I am soo heated, just a ridiculous performance out there tonight.The stats just don't do it justice. They just don't.

Tony Allen: 4 PTS/2-6 FGS/2 REBS/1 AST/ -16

Grade: D

The Grindfather had a dud of a game today. 4 points and 2 rebounds in 15 minutes of work just isn't going to cut it defensively. He also didn't really do a great job defensively on Mr. Kevin Durant, who only had 32 points on 11-14 shooting for a whopping +36. Rest easy with your grade Tony, out of the starters, you were the lucky one.

Mario Chalmers: 19 PTS/6-8 FGS/7-8 FT/-12

Grade: B

Mario was the only player who actually showed up and gave some fight. And he did it pretty efficiently, with 6-8 shooting and also converting most of his trips at the charity stripe. He definitely could have given us a 29 point performance and that would have been awesome, but he came and gave a good game. 1 assist from him isn't cool though, and neither is a -12 or having 19 points in a 37 point loss. I mean that's not exactly a good look.

The Rest Of Them

I reserve the right not to waste my time here and go over each individual F grade that I would give. Let's face it. It was horrible. And these remaining players didn't do anything to dictate the outcome of the game in a positive way at all. All told they were a combined -49. Some highlights of this miserable performance was Courtney Lee (4-13 shooting) Matt Barnes (only 5 points with 4 fouls in 18 forgettable minutes) Vince Carter (33% shooting in 21 minutes of work) and Russ Smith (who I actually thought did OK in 9 minutes, that -4 notwithstanding (4 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, with 1 for 1 from three.)

DNP- Brandan Wright: Right Knee Soreness

You were spared the embarrassment Brandan, you were spared.

Let's just put this game behind us as fast as we can and look forward to our next one. I'm soo frustrated I don't even know who it is. I'm out. Until next class...